Bro, you’re not exactly in the Prime Minster’s motorcade or anything.

Redditor and presumed Brampton resident /u/CSThrowAway2014 shared a frustrating bit of dashcam footage at a nearby Bramton shopping center, showing a Mercedes C Class following a Mustang force his way through a parking lot intersection despite not having the right of way.

Check out the bro-sef in his silver Merc’ brute forcing his way through below.

The reddit thread is linked here and there’s a mirror of the vid here just in case the vid below is 404’d.

As mentioned, the incident took place at a Brampton shopping center in the 7900 block of Hurontario St. (exact place on Google Maps linked here.)

In his dashcam video, we see OP entering the shopping center about to cross a common T-intersection with traffic on his right with a stop sign.

We see a Mustang single left and turn in front of OP which is arguably not following the right-of-way rules but, with a handful of feet between them and OP’s car, it’s not worth dissecting in my opinion.

The Mercedes directly behind the Mustang, on the other hand, definitely should’ve yielded to OP.

For the record, their license plate reads CXRL 141.

“A person making a left turn is supposed to yield to any traffic going straight or turning right, unless the left turner has a specific arrow or instructions to proceed. Left turns are at the BOTTOM of the right-of-way stack,” /u/Zadok47 correctly replies in the thread.

We see the driver in the Merc’ force his car in front of OP’s path forward, blocking him moving forward. The driver flashes his hand up, insisting that OP stop like he had a choice.

lmao look at these w***ers.

“The world is filled with entitled a**holes,” the top comment from /u/Whayne_kerr reads.

We see his friend riding shotgun throw up his right hand in typical beta male fashion.


And my favorite is his friend mad dogging OP from the back seat. Chill out, dude.

All bark, no bite.

These types of drivers will never change, and unfortunately we have to be vigilant on the road at all times to adapt to their dum*a**ery.


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