Dailying one of the fastest cars ever made isn’t all it’s chalked up to be.

1000+ HP, a sub-3 second 0-60, and 200 MPH top speed, for some people, a Tesla Model S Plaid is the pinnacle of automotive engineering today and is their dream car.

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But, for one Tesla Model S Plaid owner, after six months of ownership, he’s now pining for a car a 1/4th the price? And, it’s a Front-wheel drive Honda?

Redditor and Tesla Model S Plaid owner /u/Bimlozz recently shared his opinion on Plaid ownership to the /r/cars subreddit and with close to a 1,000 upvotes, it’s quickly one of the hottest topics of the week.

Check out the full thread here.

First, OP acknowledges the Plaid’s blistering speed and how fun it is.

“The Plaid is quick to the point of being indescribable… “OP admits. “the first couple of months is SHOCKINGLY fun, when that wears off and you acclimate to that kind of speed; it becomes normalized.

“A toe tap and you’re doing 90. You find yourself turning it down so that you don’t have to make millimeter adjustments in the volt pedal, so you’re not doing 10 over accidentally.”

But, interwoven into his praise, he does say it’s equally disappointing.

“There can be no fun had in a car that reaches 130 MPH from 70 in less than 3 seconds…None of these things are new or interesting.”

Teslas, are extremely fast and efficient, but, ultimately, OP’s saying they’re one-trick ponies.

This has been a critique of superfast Teslas until Porsche came along and added some of its own sports car DNA into its EVs.

So, what car does this Tesla Model S Plaid owner, a car that has an MSRP north of $109,000 actually think about?

“…or my two cents all I can think of as I reflect on owning what can only be described as this, machine of speed, is a Honda Civic SI, maybe a Golf R.”

A Civic Si? A lightly hotted-up Honda with barely above 200 HP, with an MSRP of under $30,000?

Actually, yes!

This over a 1000+ HP Tesla Model S Plaid?

It’s cliché to say, but OP clarifies it’s a case of getting so much more enjoyment out of driving a slow car fast.

“100% true” OP replies to a Redditor asking if it’s truly a case of slow car fast.

“I am saying here, I am going to, by the end of the year, sell this car and buy something slower.”

OP’s ownership experience is something worth thinking about the next time you yearn for a car that’s faster than what you have; a car you’re certain will make you that much more fulfilled behind the wheel.

Sometimes the more fulfilling car isn’t faster or more expensive, it’s the slower, cheaper, and more engaging one.


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