This woman will get a call from her insurance company shortly.

Where do you go when you need a little computer help when you’re in a pinch, and a car insurance claim is on the line? This Mom turned to the helpful Redditors of the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit.

According to dashcam footage Mom and Redditor /u/liavetter submitted to the Subreddit earlier yesterday (June 10, 2023,) it shows her son getting into an accident on Highway 50 in Shingle Springs, Calif (in El Dorado County) of no fault of his own.

Shortly after the accident and, in following up with the owner of the Kia Rio that hit her son, she found out the hard way the woman was avoiding her calls.

In other words, she was ghosting them!

Check out the video below (and, just in case Imgur is down, a mirror’s linked here.)

The accident happened on this section of Highway 50 (exact place on google maps linked here.)

As you can see in the dashcam footage, her son is driving in the left lane when a woman in a Kia hatch changes lane and hits his passenger side fender.

It’s likely OP’s son was in her blind spot.

This was his first accident ever, and, since he had a bit of anxiety about this stressful event, he didn’t get all the information he should’ve; stuff like photos of the accident and, most importantly, their insurance information.

He did manage to get their phone number but, as mentioned, they weren’t answering.

Thankfully, these kind Redditors were able to make out the plates of the Kia in question and, according to OP, the insurance claim ball is rolling.

“I filed an insurance claim last night, and they are going to track her down, she replied earlier today.”

“An adjuster will call in a couple of days, and then I will send them the video footage. In the meantime, I will have my son contact the sheriff and file a report.”

Other Redditors pointed out that, since most dashcams record audio, it’s a good idea to read out the license plate if you can read it as insurance, just in case the video doesn’t show the plates well enough.

If you need another reminder to get a dashcam, this is it.

And, if you need help or advice re dashcams, accidents, or anything, really, it’s why the internet is here.

There are helpful people, like these Redditors, who’ll lend a helpful hand, no strings attached.


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