The victim of the hit-and-run only found out about it after he found damage on his car before going to work.

Harrisburg’s residents might want to pay special attention, especially driving around 2nd street’s new roundabout installations because according to security camera footage submitted by Harrisburg resident and Redditor /u/ChompSkyHonk to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit, two ladies joyriding failed to negotiate said roundabout and slammed into his car as a result

Here’s the security camera footage below and just in case Imgur’s down, there’s a mirror linked here.

The accident happened at the roundabout located at Verbeke St. and N 2nd St. (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

According to Penndot earlier in 2022, major construction was wrapping up on North Second Street that turned the popular, one-way thoroughfare into a wider, two-way street.

And, as this intersection shows, traditional streetlights along the way were replaced with roundabouts.

It’s expected that motorists would get confused when the street opened to two-way traffic but, to be fair, there is plenty of signage and a speed bump before the new roundabouts informing motorists to yield.

Notice the roundabout sign under the yield sign with an orange two-way sign in the distance.

As OP’s security footage shows, these women were travelling on N. Second Street with a passenger hanging out of the sunroof.

It seems the driver shared her passenger’s same carefree attitude because she did not slow, at all, to negotiate the roundabout and instead drove at full speed over the speed hump.

The driver thankfully avoided hitting the roundabout, but course corrected onto and off the sidewalk before swinging too wide and hitting OP’s parked Ford Escape before presumably driving off.

“I live a few blocks away and didn’t realize my car was hit until I went to leave for work the next day and saw the damage,” OP says in a comment.

“Apparently the cops came out to file a report but didn’t feel the need to notify me of any of this, so I assumed it was a hit-and-run.”

“The only reason this footage exists is because I noticed a neighbor happened to have a few high quality security cams pointed in that direction. Still trying to get a hold of the crash report so god knows what these idiots told police, probably that they hit a pothole or something…”

Thankfully, the damage doesn’t look too bad, at least from the security camera’s angle.

I’m sure OP will be wary to park his Ford Escape so close to that roundabout moving forward.

As for others driving through and touring midtown, this is your warning and cautionary tale to take heed of those new roundabouts.


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