“He was gonna go to another dealership, but the prices were too high.”

Salespersons and staff at Loudon Motors Ford in Minerva, OH got a pleasant surprise earlier last week when American rapper Joseph E. Foreman, AKA Afroman, stopped by their dealership to purchase a Ford Transit for his crew and equipment, presumably to use on his current tour.

Check out their post below.

Loudon Motors’s post shows the 48-year-old rapper dressed in a full tiger print leisure shirt, pants, and shoes, his outfit tied together with a cannabis gold chain. He’s posing with various staff and salespersons.

In the main photo, Afroman’s mimicking what looks to be a fake blunt, an homage to his 2001 hit, “Because I got high.”

“Shout out to our new friend AFROMAN for picking up an awesome Ford Transit van for his crew and equipment,” their caption reads.

“He was kind enough to get pics with the whole staff.”

If recent news involving Afroman being wrongly raided for an alleged dungeon hasn’t reached you yet, yes, Afroman has a home and lives a few hours away from Minerva in Winchester, OH.

According to Afroman’s website, the 48-year-old performer’s got a busy schedule ahead of him with 24 upcoming headlining performances from as of this blog post till September.

He’s been touring since June 2.

If there’s one vehicle that can crisscross the country with a lot of his important equipment, a Ford Transit will do it.

Afroman’s been in the news as of late thanks to a lawsuit filed by Adams County police against Afroman for, according to a May interview with WCPO,

“…using their likeness and depictions “without the authorization of any of the plaintiffs to do so.”

As mentioned, Afroman was raided back in August, and, instead of getting angry about the situation, turned lemons into lemonade and used the situation and security footage to birth several new songs and even a music video that went viral.

His song and music video, “Will You Help Me Repair My Door” has 6 million views and counting.

That linked interview with WCPO goes on to mention that Afroman plans to countersue claiming that he suffered damages and loss of business (partners backing out) because of their initial allegations of drug trafficking and kidnapping.

For now, Afroman’s going to be doing what he does best, performing on tour with presumably some of that money now being funneled to fund his countersuit.

Hopefully his new Ford Transit will make the thousands of miles on tour for his crew that much easier.


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