Dashcam footage shows one of the victim’s in the Jeep almost flip over.

Redditor and presumed Jeep Wrangler owner /u/Calloussaucer is counting himself lucky after being forced into a ditch to avoid crashing into a Toyota Camry, all because another Jeep in the opposite direction decided to overtake on a double yellow.

OP’s thread is linked here with a higher definition video, with his video embedded below.

The accident happened on the 258 in Grant, Colorado (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

If you take a look a couple of hundred yards to where that other double-yellow line crossing Jeep likely started his overtake, if you don’t have a clear line of sight, you can’t be 100 percent sure if it’s safe to pass.

Hence, why a double yellow line (no crossing over under any circumstances) exists.

On top of that, this is thin-air Colorado where an already presumed under powered Jeep with oversized tires will struggle to overtake anything.

It’s not clear how much damage OP’s Jeep Wrangler suffered but, despite it sounding bad, I’d be surprised if it was more than a damaged wheel, tire, and some alignment issues.

The same thing can’t be said for the Camry which got hit, hard.

If you’re wondering, OP does clarify that no one stopped.

“Having driven for a large courier service for 8 year, I can confidently say Jeep drivers are hands down the worst, said /u/Secret_Engineer_4643 in another thread on the same dashcam footage. “(They) NEVER use their turn signals. Drive like assholes in the snow. Make German car drivers look like angels.”

“The silver Jeep is obviously the worst offender here, but that overreaction from the Camry was ridiculous, said /u/ChurchOfPetrol “Pretty good driving on your part though. If anything, it’s a good lesson in looking further ahead.”

Crossing double yellow lines is a violation of “Colorado Revised Statutes Title 42. Vehicles and Traffic § 42-4-1005.” Limitations on overtaking on the left,” subject to a Class A Traffic Infraction.

Sentences for a Class A Traffic infraction include a fine up to $100 before fees and DMV points, too.

I’m sure said infraction can be upgraded in cases of a collision(s), injuries, and/or fatalities.

Double yellow lines, they exist for a reason, and disregarding their existence might make you find out why they’re there the hard way.


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