Dashcam videos often show drivers getting their spots stolen from them. This is not that.

Redditor and presumed Ontario resident /u/TheFinagler23 shared to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit the unbelievable moment a tailgating BMW driver attempted to cut in front of him and steal a parking spot he was waiting for at this Etobicoke IKEA.

OP’s thread is linked here, and check out a copy of his dashcam video below.

The incident occurred at the Etobicoke IKEA in Ontario (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

If you didn’t already know, the front spots of IKEA are designated loading zones, although, since there’s often no signs showing a time limit how long you can stay there, they’re coveted as regular parking spots.

The video shows OP lucky enough to arrive near a front parking spot someone is pulling out of.

OP comments the BMW was already tailgating him prior to this incident.

“I noticed the BMW was tailgating me, so I put my blinkers on and gave him room to go around me before backing in to load”

As mentioned, however brief, OP does signal his intention to snag the open spot directly in front of him.

The BMW driver swings left into a perpendicular lane and attempts to back into the spot OP is waiting for right in front of him.

OP is having none of this and inches forward, asserting his position to get the spot, regardless of what the BMW driver does.

They both roll down their windows and exchange a handful of words during their parking lot standoff.

“You can’t just go around over there?” the oblivious BMW driver says to OP. “You really don’t see me backing into this spot?”

“I was in front of you, and you jumped ahead of me,” OP replies. “Are you serious?”

As sudden as it started and escalated, it quickly resolves as the BMW driver drives off and OP gets his rightfully earned (and signaled) front parking spot.

“Overtaking you and then trying to BACK IN right in front of you is a completely new level of bold by these people,/u/TheBatemenFlex commented. “Holy s***. I’ve honestly never seen that move before.”

“F*****g crazy world we live in,” /u/CandyBananaHammock replied. “I do not have the patience or gumption to spend an iota of effort for a parking spot.”

Some comments cautioned OP, however, that this is a great way to get your car keyed.

Then again, the perceived increasing lack of decorum today is cause for slighted drivers, as Hank Hill says, to politely, yet firmly, assert their positions.

We live in a society, people.


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