A bipper caught in the act came to a quick stop after hearing the blaring horn from a SFWD truck.

It’s mostly bad news when we hear of car break-ins in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, but here’s an instance of what some thought improbable, a person employed by San Francisco fighting back.

Home camera footage shared by presumed SF resident and Redditor /u/The_Big_Lepowski to the /r/SanFrancisco subreddit shows the moment a bipper stopped their burglary in progress in San Francisco, CA after hearing the blaring horn from a driver in a San Francisco Water Department truck.

/u/The_Big_Lepowski_’s post is linked here with a copy of their video below.

The incident earlier yesterday (August 22, 2023) around 12:45 P.M.

In the video, we see a white, mid-2000s, E-Class Mercedes pull up behind a new-ish Ford Expedition.

One Redditor claims they’ve seen this exact same Merc’ doing the same thing before.

“This is the same Benz that hits the Embarcadero and Fishermans Wharf, /u/nobodyelsescreename commented.

“I always yell at them when they roll up. Expose their a**. Good on DOW.

A man with a hoodie comes out and peers inside the Expedition’s tinted black windows, a scene that often precedes an actual bipping, or, breaking into a car to steal valuables.

Unbeknownst to the burglars, there’s a Ford F-150 used by the San Francisco Water Department half a block behind them.

The employee sees what’s going down and immediately starts honking their horn.

It works (for now), the bippers are spooked, and they drive away.

“An actual city official doing good,” /u/thatbikeddude also commented.

“I want criminals to be afraid again,” /u/unlimitedboxspace said.

While I can’t endorse drawing attention to them as, by honking, you’re drawing attention to yourself, possibly inviting a violent response from the burglars, in this one isolated case, by a city employee no doubt, it worked.

I tip my hat to you, SF Water Department employee, for going above and beyond what’s not even your job.

In this fight against car break-ins, someone’s got to do it, right?

Hopefully what they did doesn’t somehow get them fired. You know how illogical and unfair some employment rules can get.


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