His kids, not to mention his truck, remained unscathed and undamaged in the ordeal.

Presumed Texas resident and Redditor /u/RedDogg0911 submitted personal dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars showing the shocking moment a head-on crash between two trucks played out in front of him.

OP’s getting heaps of praise, and rightfully so, as thanks to his keen awareness and excellent defensive driving skills, he successfully avoided the collision entirely, himself, his kids, and his truck remaining largely undamaged.

/u/RedDogg0911’s thread and video is embedded below.

Over correction leads to head on collision[oc]
byu/reddogg0911 inIdiotsInCars

OP does not mention where exactly the accident happened, but does confirm it was somewhere in Liberty Hill, Texas.

Liberty Hill, TX

As the video shows, OP is driving on a two-lane road. Note, he’s following at a safe distance, key to what happens next.

What a safe following distance looks like.

As he approaches a gentle bend, he sees a truck coming from the opposite direction lose control, over correct, and swing into oncoming traffic.

Even before the crash actually happens, he anticipates (correctly) where the impending crash is likely to happen and preemptively drives into the sloping ditch next to him.

The out of control truck hits the truck in front of him head-on and, before he could get entangled in the mess, he barely scrapes by, all thanks to his defensive driving prior.

“You like my driving?” he asks his kids riding with him, cool as the other side of the pillow.

Thankfully, everyone came out of the ordeal, presumably with just some bumps and bruises.

“It appeared no one was seriously injured. Fortunately, everyone was able to get out of their cars.”

And his truck?

“Oh, my car was undamaged,” he confirmed.

Naturally, everyone in the comments was whopping and hollering, showering praise on OP.

“Helluva job avoiding the worst of it. A lot of people wouldn’t have noticed until it was way too late,” /u/TakenForGraniteAgain commented.

“Gotta admit, the “Like my drivin’?” was totally earned. Nicely done,” /u/LaxBedroom added.

It goes without saying, but this could’ve ended up a lot worse.

Props to you, OP, for putting on a masterclass in why defensive driving is important at all times.


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