Do you think this driver would’ve pulled over on their own, or were they attempting a hit-and-run?

Presumed New Jersey resident and Redditor /u/SGMC27 posted up dashcam footage earlier last week showing the shocking moment a driver in a Ford Fusion in Pequannock Township blatantly ran a red light and looked to attempt a hit-and-run if it wasn’t for a local cop parked watching the whole thing.

Check out /u/SGMC27’s thread and video posted below.

Attempted hit and run [OC]
byu/SGMC27 inIdiotsInCars

As mentioned, this happened in Pequannock Township, NJ at the intersection of Alexander Ave. and New Jersey Route 23 (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

The intersection in question.

As OP’s dashcam video shows, he, along with traffic going in the other direction on NJ-23, are about to enter the intersection as they have the green.

A driver in a Ford Fusion on Alexander Ave. with a red light for several seconds already does not slow, enters the intersection to turn left, and just about makes it before getting clipped by a Mini Cooper on NJ-23 driving forward.

The Fusion driver pit maneuvers themselves and just about spins a full 360 degrees before regaining control, their rear bumper damaged and flapping.

It looks awfully like they were attempting a hit-and-run because he continues on without stopping, that is until a local police officer in an interceptor, conveniently parked in some brush off to the side of the road, sees the whole thing.

A good place to catch speeders.

The police officer throws on their blues and tunes, and pulls over the red light runner.

“”Oh no officer, I was not trying to leave the scene. I was simply looking for a safe place to pull over my vehicle.,” /u/QuestedUp humorously comments.

“So… that’ll be flips book, a hit-and-run… Flip dangerous driving, running a red light, lit up the tires so that’s stunting, aaaaaand… flip your bumper doesn’t seem to be installed correctly, it’s dragging on the ground,” /u/DVI_IN

While I’d like to say defensive driving on the part of Mini Cooper could’ve avoided hitting the red light runner entirely, I honestly don’t think they could’ve reacted any faster regardless.

Their vision was obscured by the other car to their left.

What do you think?

What it does show is how important a dashcam is as, if it wasn’t for OP’s footage and a conveniently parked cop, this could’ve been an actual hit-and-run, the other car left high and dry.


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