He didn’t let her cut in front of him, so she retaliated by making him rear end her and claim he was at fault.

Presumed Virginia resident and Redditor /u/_Mewden_ shared shocking dashcam footage from Norfolk, VA to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit earlier today (Jan 30, 2024) showing a road raging reckless driver in a Toyota Camry exact her alleged revenge on /u/_Mewden_ with attempted insurance fraud after he didn’t let her cut in front of him.

The thread is now locked but check out the footage for yourself below.

Idiot decides to be main character[oc]
byu/_Mewden_ inIdiotsInCars

This entire incident played out directly before and after the Midtown Tunnel on US-58 in Norfolk, VA (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

While the dashcam footage looks like it’s longer than it should be, OP included footage before the crash to shed light on this crazy driver’s intentions.

As his dashcam footage shows, we can see a reckless driver in a Toyota Camry using the breakdown lane to overtake drivers.

OP speeds up and doesn’t let her in, something she supposedly takes offense to, as we’ll see later on.

A reckless driver in a white Toyota Camry tries to cut in front of OP and other traffic by driving in the breakdown lane.

The driver in the Camry eventually squeezes her way in and everyone proceeds through the Midtown Tunnel.

After exiting the tunnel, we see the Camry look like it’s going to exit, but at the last second, she switches back in front of OP and clearly slams on her brakes.

Her actions don’t look like someone who took the wrong exit, it looks a lot like she wanted to get back at OP for not letting her in, so she attempted an alleged insurance scam.

OP can’t stop in time, and he rear ends her Camry, causing thousands in damage.

This reckless driver clearly brake checks OP, causing him to rearend her.

We then see the reckless driver come out of her Camry, inspect the damage, and proceed to blame OP.

“You hit my car! You hit my car,” we can make out her shouting.

She gets her baby out of the car (because of course there’s a kid) to comfort him while she calls someone.

They’re stopped not in the safest place.

Thankfully, they crashed next to where maintenance trucks for the Elizabeth River Crossing Authority park, and a worker appears to direct her to their lot across the street, out of potential harms way.

A worker from Elizabeth River Crossing Tolls next door directs her to drive out of harms way into their lot located directly across from them.

OP’s caption and update reads,

“Woman was yelling that I caused the accident ???? GEICO found her 100% at fault, and she didn’t even have insurance. She owes them 16k.”

Yup, you read that right, her harebrained move will cost her $16,000

/u/Abraham_Lincoln pointed out that, while surprising someone would drive around without car insurance,

“Virginia, where this takes place, doesn’t require auto insurance. You can register as uninsured and pay a fee of $500 to drive without insurance.”

“Totally her fault yet she is pissed. What a tool…..,” /u/Sharptooth_Serenity commented.

“WTF?!! She pulled that scam with a BABY in the car? What a piece of s*** human,” /u/SunShineLife217 added.

“This is the best commercial for dash cam. Just placed my order,” /u/757curious757 replied.

As crazy as it sounds, without a dashcam, OP would’ve been proverbially f***ed.

According to the Sepulveda Law Group,

“In rear-end collisions, the presumption of fault usually falls on the driver who rear-ended the vehicle in front. This is based on the idea that every driver should keep a safe following distance and be prepared to stop or slow down when necessary.”

She was banking he didn’t have one, and he would’ve been on the hook for $16,000 in damages, as she would’ve retained representation to extract that much and more from OP.

Fellas, if you haven’t gotten a dashcam yet, this is absolutely your sign to order one ASAP.


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