On top of that, the driver had the you know whats to brake check them.

Presumed Florida resident and Redditor /u/BikerJedi shared dashcam footage taken earlier this week from Ocala showing the boneheaded moment when a driver exiting a shopping center driveway in the far right lane decided to bust an illegal U-turn as /u/BikerJedi was turning left, almost colliding with his new car.

Check out his dashcam footage below.

Illegal u-turn and brake check after I lay on my horn almost wreck my new car. [OC]
byu/BikerJedi inIdiotsInCars

The incident took place at the intersection of SW State Rd. 200 and S.W 35th. TER as OP drove into the Lowes Shopping Center (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As you can see in the video, OP’s in the left turn lane about to turn into the shopping center.

Once he gets the green and the right of way, another driver in a White Ford Fusion exiting the shopping center from the far right lane decides to make an illegal U-Turn on red at the same time.

If OP hadn’t braked, that Fusion would’ve hit his reportedly new car.

To add insult to injury, the Fusion driver throws in a brake check for good measure.

We see OP wave back at the driver with a certain one figure hand gesture.

“Just going to get a smashburger with a co-worker. People here cannot drive,” OP replied in the comments.

I like the “I’m gonna stay on the horn here”. It sounds like you are coaching your passenger on how to handle idiots in cars. “Okay buddy, when you see a little maneuver like that? We’re just gonna stay on the horn for a minute or two. Yeah just like this,” /u/Cathercy commented.

“I just hate it when idiot drivers do something stupid, and then flip you off, brake check you, etc…and there are a lot of idiot drivers in my area,” /u/HeyHay123Hey added.

It’s worth noting that, if she just took a right turn, there’s a center turn lane about 200 feet away.

This reckless move probably saved her 3 minutes tops.

According to Traffic Violation Law Firms, an illegal U-Turn is subject to a fine up to $150 before fees and three points on your driving record.


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