If you frequent this Dutch Bros off of S Rainbow Blvd, mind the curb on your way out.

Presumed Clark County, NV resident and Redditor /u/Disposabals shared interesting Dutch Bros Drive Through dash cam footage from Las Vegas to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing a driver in a Chevrolet Camaro almost high-centering itself as it off-roaded over a curb they probably couldn’t see.

Check out his dashcam video below.

[OC]Who put that curb there?
byu/Disposabals inIdiotsInCars

This particular Dutch Bros is near the intersection of S Rainbow Blvd and W Desert Inn Rd. in Las Vegas, Nevada (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As his video shows, he’s pulled up behind a driver in a Camaro who’s got their order and is exiting.

Camaros, especially this generation, are known for their poor visibility so, it’s no wonder we see the Camaro driver run over this curb as he tries to exit the drive through.

I can’t entirely blame this Dutch Bros customer, as it looks an awful lot like you can just drive out of there.

Maybe there needs to be a sign here, too.

“That’s a sh***y (sic) place for a curb without a sign. Pretty sure that wasn’t the first and won’t be the last,” /u/CDNDutchBoy commented.

“She (The Broista) said (this happens) like 5 (times) a day, at least,” /u/Disposabals replied.

I searched what other Dutch Bros look like from above, and it appears this one seems to be one of the few with this exit, where it looks like you’re, without a curb, supposed to go that way.

Most, like this one nearby, curve as you exit, where it’s obvious you’re not exiting towards the street.

A Dutch Bros off N Stephanie St. in Las Vegas.

“The only idiots here are the property owners of the restaurant and the gas station. If they don’t want people to cut across, they should have made a barrier that’s clearly visible,” /u/Suspicious_Walrus682 added.

“This often happens at a Taco Bell. The drive through lane is separated from adjourning parking lot by a 6 inch wide raised barrier. Cars have gotten stuck going that way instead of going the other way to get out,” /u/Warcraft_Fan commented.

“I don’t have a picture as it never happened in front of me but once a week the community FB group says “Taco Bell drive through closed again, old man Bob got stuck again”

This is a cautionary tale if you frequent a drive through, if there’s an exit suspiciously close to the order window, it’s worth the time to pause and confirm there’s no curb you’re going to run over.


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