The T-bone accident happened on Grogans Mill Rd.

Presumed Texan and Redditor /u/ZapoLight posted up shocking dashcam footage from The Woodlands Township, TX to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the harebrained moment a driver in a truck towing a trailer went straight from a left-turn only lane, T-boning a new car owner.

Check out the video below.

[oc] The music synced up perfectly with this wreck
byu/zapolight inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened at the intersection of Grogans Mill Rd. and Research Forest Dr. in The Woodlands, TX (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As this screenshot below shows, traffic in the leftmost lane northbound on Grogans Mill Rd can only turn left.

Grogans Mill Rd. and Research Forest Dr.

As OP’s video shows, a driver in a truck towing an open utility trailer in the leftmost lane, a turn only lane, heads straight.

And, as this Google Maps screenshot shows, you can understand how it can be confusing, although there were several signs and road markings informing drivers you can’t go straight.

It looks like you can go straight from the left lane, but you can’t.

A driver in a white BMW in the next lane over, while they’re in the only lane that can go straight, they can also turn left, which is what they do.

It’s a disaster as the driver in the truck T-bones the BMW, both vehicles careening off into the grass.

“I pulled over after this,” /u/OP commented.

“There was a cop there almost immediately yelling at the truck driver very annoyed. I just sent the footage to the driver, he was surprised by how hard the crash was from my angle. He only got the car 6 days ago.”

“I count 5 separate markers saying that’s a left turn only lane, the pickup is so completely at fault,” /u/TheWeirdGuyTed replied.

“The truck’s brake lights didn’t come on until well after they hit the BMW. I hope whatever was on that phone screen was worth it,” /u/KaJuNator added, implying the driver in the truck was on his phone, too.

“Damn! A BMW with blinkers on and not at fault!?,” /u/Telel1n jokingly commented.

Others pointed out how, as OP’s title says, the music sort of synced up to the crash, a mere coincidence as the truck hit the BMW’s window around the same time Lil Jon rapped, “To the windooooow.”

Road layout can be tricky, at times, which is why road engineers try their best to place informative signage and road markings warning you beforehand.

No matter how confusing a road may be, ignorance of signage and warnings is no excuse.

In different circumstances, this same crash could’ve ended differently, for better or worse.



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