Besides probably not looking for cross traffic, at all, this elderly lady driver should’ve turned into the lane nearest to her.

Presumed Texan and Redditor /u/KeekLezors shared frustrating dashcam footage from Friendswood, TX showing the harebrained moment this elderly lady driver in a white Cadillac pulled right into traffic, choosing the lane farthest from her. As a result, she got into an accident with a driver in her C8 Corvette.

Check out the dashcam video below.

[OC] Finally got one on my dashcam
byu/keeklezors inIdiotsInCars

The incident took place in the 1600 block of Friendswood Dr (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As /u/KeekLeZors’s dashcam video shows, she’s pulling out of this H-E-B Food – Drug strip mall behind a driver in a white Cadillac, who OP later reveals is a little old lady.

Instead of turning into the nearest lane, Lane #2 in this case, like you’re supposed to, she turns wide into Lane #1.

A driver in a C8 Corvette already in Lane #1 doesn’t react to this Cadillac driver’s wide turn fast enough and collides with her, squeezing between the raised center median and the side of her door.

Both stop to mitigate any further damage, at which point OP follows them both into where they eventually stop to exchange information.

“I pulled in and offered the girl in the Corvette the dashcam footage,” OP replied to a comment asking if the Cadillac driver stopped. “The Caddillac driver as a little old lady, she got out like this wasn’t her first rodeo ????.”

If you’re wondering, this is straight from the Texas Driver’s Handbook on how to make a right turn.

“Keep as close as possible to the right edge of the road.”

“Remember, friends, always turn into the lane farthest from you after not being sure cars are coming,” /u/YutFree sarcastically commented.

“Can not stand people who can’t turn into the nearest lane. Just lazy, lazy driving,” /u/KUWeatherman added.

“Wow, what an idiot… Supposed to take the right lane first, then move to left when possible. Cadillac sedan so I’ll guess elderly, probably shouldn’t be driving anymore, but hey it’s the US and we don’t retest ANYONE on driving. (Wow you’re 105 years old and still driving? Good for you!) SMH,” /u/EnvironmentOk860.

It’s a basic rule of driving that you should yield to traffic that already has the right of way.

This could’ve all been avoided if that old lady did her due diligence and earnestly looked, instead of just blindly pulling out.

Now, her insurance’s got an expensive claim to work through.

Seeing how OP described her coming out of her Cadillac, it sounds like she doesn’t care either way.


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