Formula 1 fans reacted as they normally would when Toto Wolff was caught on camera pounding his fists in frustration, by making memes of course.

The first race of the 2017 Formula 1 season wasn’t without drama as new aerodynamics and engine tweaks revealed what many are calling a “new peking order.” None was more frustrated mid-race than the executive director of Mercedes AMG Petronas F1, Toto Wolff. According to on their live race updates and post race analysis they posted earlier yesterday (Mar. 26, 2017) a flumoxed Toto believes that Vettel’s victory was due to a pace advantage rather than Ferrari pulling out a brilliant race strategy. His frustration led to Sky Sports filming Toto’s reaction on that infamous lap 23 pit-stop. We’ve posted the desk pounding gif below.


For those that enjoyed the privilege of watching the drama play out over winter testing and during the race, one thing was for sure, Ferrari had the pace.  By qualifying, Hamilton’s 1:22.188 podium was only overshadowed by the lingering pace of Sebastan Vettel’s Ferrari and their 1:22.456 second.

Blows were traded early on in the race with both Hamilton and Vettel swapping honors for fastest lap and the gap between the two being just tenths of a second wide. Hamilton pitting first on lap 18 allowed Vettel to jump to a sizable lead, a lead that Hamilton couldn’t recover from thanks Verstappen who wouldn’t relent a pas. Knowing just how long Ferrari could pit and putting a 22 second gap between himself and Hamilton, Ferrari decided to pit on Lap 23. Ferrari perfects their tire swap and Vettel gets out in front of Hamilton…barely. Que Toto Hulk Smash.

Since video of Toto Wolff pounding his fists has hit the internet you’d better believe there are a couple of remixes worth posting. We’ve posted those below for you to enjoy.

Here his is pounding to Duhast. Be sure to click to activate the sound.

Here’s Toto photoshopped with a smug looking Nico Rosberg watching from home.

and here’s Toto Wolff remixed to a personal favorite of mine, Safari Duo’s Bongo song.

Accoring to Wolf,I need to work on my emotions during the race. I will talk to someone professionally about it.”Joking of course.

We love to see raw emotions play out in Formula 1, emotional displays that don’t have any collateral damage that is. Mercedes has dominated for the better part of three years and it’s good to see a rivalry brewing between the two teams.

As for now, if Toto doesn’t want to be immortalized in memes, some outbursts not meme-worthy should be considered for future frustrations.


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