The boys from M2K Motorsports broke their own record in less than 24 hours by running a 293.6 MPH standing mile run breaking a World Record that has stood since 2012.

When it comes to whose King of the Hill for the fastest Ford GT, whoever holds the standing mile record is unanimously king. According to the official page for the Texas Mile earlier today (Mar. 26, 2017) M2K Motorsports broke their own standing mile record by running 282.2 MPH and then running a 293.6 MPH less than 24-hours later. It looks like M2K Motorsports weren’t satisfied with just breaking the event record but aimed for the stars by gunning for a “Guinness” World Record later the next day. Check out a video of their awesome run below!

Right off the bat we can see there was a pretty mean crosswind blowing across the track. Given the uncooperativeness of mother nature, there’s no better time to run then right at that moment. The half-mile went by in 219 MPH and the 2006 Ford GT continued to accelerate all the way up to 293.6 MPH when they crossed the mile sensors.

We’re not entirely sure if there’s beef between Johnny Bohmer Racing and the boys at M2K Motorsports but it looks like shortly after M2K racing broke their own record they prompted called out Johnny Bohmer racing over social media. Johny Bohmer racing holds the official standing mile record verified by the Guinness Book of World Records which has stood since 2012. His run was a 283.2 MPH run held at the Kennedy Space Center. Check out their “brag” post below.

It should be noted that the record set by Bohmer was measured by Tag Heuer timing equipment and verified by the International Mile Racing Association. There’s no word whether or not Guinness OR IMRA officials were on hand at the Texas Mile but an official certificate from M2K Motorsports stating they have the world’s fastest standing mile should be proof enough in our books.

In addition there’s an unverified rumor that the “the guy who runs/owns the equipment and IMRA is the same guy that owns PPR…” according to a post on

What a weekend here at the @thetexasmile !! We re-set the mustang record for the standing mile and half mile with the @airtechofhouston Gt500. We also now have the title of the Worlds Fastest standing mile car with the Ford GT. We cannot say enough about the new facility and all the people involved that got this event moved to Victoria it was awesome to say the least. We also would like to thank all the Texas Mile staff,safety crews and volunteers for all there hard work putting this event on. It is truly awesome!!!! #thetexasmile #victoriatexas #everythingsbiggerintx #fordgt #fordgtforum #M2Kmakesyourdreamsreality #M2Kmakingcarsgreatagain #modmotormustangs #speedsociety #1320video #accufabracing #ncs_designs #precisionturbo #motecusa #tialsport #psimotorsports #airtechofhouston

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Congrats to the guys at M2K Motorsports for laying down a truly epic weekend of mile runs.



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