M2K Motorsports broke their old record by a whopping 6.8 MPH and is the new standing mile record king at 300.4 MPH

M2K Motorsports and their 13-year-old Ford GT really turned it up to 11 this time, defied the laws of aerodynamics, and pushed their 5.4L turbocharged beast well beyond their old-record. According to their official posts on social media earlier today (Mar. 24, 2019) this piece of American muscle went above and beyond 300 MPH and set a new standing mile record of 300.4 MPH at the 2019 Texas Mile competition. Like the name suggests, the standing mile is the fastest trap speed a car can hit starting from a dead standstill. Check out the amazing piece of footage below.

The M2K Motorsports Ford GT is quite a special car for several reasons. For one, their Max V project to continue pushing the boundaries a car can go in a mile is at least several years old. It was literally one of the first blog posts from yours truly on Tire Meets Road in 2017. Back then, other news outlets quoted power output of this Precision turbocharged GT at around 2,500 HP when its turbo was at full spool and everything is running smoothly.

I can only presume M2K bumped up the power just a bit this time to make sure the record is in the bag, or perhaps the conditions, this time were better than ever. All I know is that this Ford GT was pushing against some pretty gnarly forces to eke out a more speed this time around.

To put those power numbers in perspective consider that Ford blessed the GT with a supercharger out of the factory with a tremendous, at the time, 550 HP and 500 lb-ft. Maxed out, Ford could only get the second gen GT up to 205 MPH.

In the video, it’s all business from M2K. If there wasn’t an announcer on hand letting us know the speed as it crossed the mile, I’d be hardpressed to believe it was really moving that fast, it was so drama free.

But then again, like any top performer, all the hard work is done behind the scenes.

It’s an honor to say this so congrats again to M2K Motorsports on a record-breaking session. I’m sure you can squeeze out a couple more MPH next year.

What do you think about this momentous occasion in speed for the standing mile? Did you think a Ford GT could go that fast? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: M2K Motorsports


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