Colin Furze set a new world record for fastest bumper car by outfitting a bumper car shell with a motor bike engine while enlisting The Stig as the pilot.

There are some video thumbnails that catch your eye and you know right away that the video’s going to be absolutely mental. The latest video from Colin Furze definitely had one of those thumbnails. According to Colin Furze on his latest Youtube video he uploaded earlier today (Mar. 30,2017) he along with The Stig set a new world record for fastest bumper car in the world. Check out the video leading up to this crazy stunt as well as the official video below. It’s quite an achievement.

Smack dab in the middle of the bumper car, directly in front of the driver, is a 600 cc motorcycle engine with the handlebars controlling the direction of the bumper car sticking straight out of the engine. Instead of being powered by electricity, there’s at least 100 HP moving essentially a bare bumper car shell and rider.  Say the bumper car weighs about 220 pounds and assuming the Honda motor weighs about 120 pound engine, we’re looking at a weight to power ratio of about 3.4 pounds per HP or better than a Bugatti Veyron.

You’d better believe that the BBC made sure The Stig’s insurance policy was up to date before the let him loose on the runway in this contraption.

Held at the Bentwaters Airfield in England, a representative from the Guinness book of world records was on hand to make sure that the Stig made at least two runs. One run was performed going one direction and one run went the exact opposite direction canceling out any advantage the wind gabe. The Stig hit 107 MPH in one direction and 93 MPH going in front of the wind averaging out to a new record of 100.33 MPH.

According to Colin, “…surprisingly in a straight line it’s actually quite a solid ride, even when reaching 3 figure speeds.”

The only question remains is if Furze will update the bumper car for more speed down the road or if this latest stunt will inspire someone else to break it. Afterall, records are meant to be broken.


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