This employee at this particular office building will likely never use disabled parking illegally again thanks to fellow workers teaming up to dole out some justice.

Disabled parking spots are specifically placed in front of buildings as a much needed courtesy (and requirement) to employees who may be handicapped and could benefit from not having to walk far to the front of their building. One employee at this Redditor’s office building didn’t seem to care and parked at a disabled parking spot even though he (or she) allegedly didn’t have a disability. According to Redditor TactusFR on his post on /r/cars earlier today (Mar. 31,2017,) “…this lady is too good for walking anywhere from 25 to 50 yards and for the past couple weeks has started using the handicapped spot right by the door.” Check out the what they did to her Toyota Landcruiser in the photo below.

Since the post was submitted less than an hour ago the post has been upvoted with a 91 percent approval rating which we can only assume most redditors of that subreddit approve of the justice being handed out. The photo is pretty self explanatory but it looks like their fellow employees took some serious time in planning out the entire ordeal. Definitely more than one roll of saran wrap was used to wrap the Toyota Landcruiser to the tree and will likely cause considerable time to take out.

Some in the comments have argued that the parking lot stencil and blue paint is faded and a little hard to read but most agree that almost anyone can deduce that this parking lot space is definitely for someone whose disabled and has the proper placards. Although the Toyota Land Cruiser blocks out the sign, according to the ADA if this building is in compliance with what accessible parking spaces should look like there’s most likely a sign in front designating this spot as disabled parking.

Although the person “pranked” may have some grounds for her vehicle being tampered with in an unauthorized manner we can mostly agree that the spirit of the saran wrapping was justified. We’re sure a call to the local authorities would’ve been just as effective but the police have more important issues to be dealing with. We’d be surprised if this individual parks their again but if she does and TactusFR posts another update we’ll be sure to let you know.


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