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Genius mechanic’s windshield defrost doesn’t work, what he does with PVC is brilliant

Repairing cars logically, buying new parts to replace old ones, isn't nearly as fun as DIY'ing yourself a cheaper solution. When you live in snowy...
pizza dealership stiffed sales

Customer buying pizza for service dept & not sales is typical car dealership things

If you want just a snippet of the kind of daily shenanigans you might come across working at a car dealership, this pizza for...
Brick Road underneath Seattle Pothole

Redditor shares picture of Seattle rains unveiling beautiful brick road underneath

While some cities have gaping sinkholes forming when potholes come, older cities, like Seattle, are revealing their beautiful brick roads underneath thanks to Spring...
customs pistons

S.O.L: Customs drilled through this poor man’s engine pistons looking for drugs

Next time you order engine pistons from another country perhaps you might be better off buying them locally after reading this poor man's tale. According...
'64 Bel Air

World’s best brother reunites brother with his first car, a ’64 Chevrolet Bel Air

This 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air was reunited with its previous owner a decade later! Get out the tissues because this one's a tear jerker. If...
Miata donuts

World’s best building manager loves parking lot donuts

When you've got a building manager that knows it's better to lose a couple of battles to win a war, you know he's got...
Wrong rinse

Most stubborn car soap maker defends his insane car wash technique

There are a few common sense rules to washing a car but this stubborn soap maker thinks those rules, like the laws of gravity,...
mr2 pack

You won’t believe how much this Toyota MR2 owner can fit in his car...

After one redditor became fed up with how many people complained that the 3rd gen Toyota MR2 had little trunk space, he defied them all...
swastika exhaust

Some exhaust shop thought it was funny to weld a swastika on this poor...

Some misguided exhaust shop employee thought it was a fun idea to weld on a Swastika and a nod to Germany's SS unit on...
Tonka hummer

Tonka does this woman a solid and helps her locate a special toy truck...

American toy truck maker Tonka did one of the best things a toy maker could do and is actively helping this woman find a...
Passive agressive

Redditor shames apartment building into moving illegally parked dumpster

A disgruntled Redditor was upset that this luxury apartment building was taking up two parking space with their gigantic dumpster, so he, and his...
99 Eclipse

Top 10 most unreliable Japanese cars according to Reddit /r/cars

Japanese cars are synonymous with being both a value buy and reliable as the rising of the sun (see what I did there?) When...
Disabled parking

Justice Doled Out On Fellow Worker Taking Advantage Of Disabled Parking

This employee at this particular office building will likely never use disabled parking illegally again thanks to fellow workers teaming up to dole out...
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