There are a few common sense rules to washing a car but this stubborn soap maker thinks those rules, like the laws of gravity, don’t apply.

There are a couple of common car wash techniques passed down through the generations that stand the test of time because they’re based on sound principles. But this car wash soap maker begs to differ. Thanks to a video shared by SpeedShed on Facebook earlier last week (Jan 3. 2018) I was clued in on this soap maker’s most insane car wash soaping technique. This dude really thinks that rinsing his truck from bottom to top, yes you read that right, from bottom to top is the right rinsing method for washing any vehicle. Read on to find out how he defends himself below.

As this is the internet, the majority of Facebook videos that exist are simply re-uploads a.k.a. freebooted videos. But that’s an entirely different story. The original video found on Youtube does have this owner’s insane response in defense of his bottom to top rinsing technique.

According to this owner,

“Why we wash from the bottom to the top When washing a vehicle using conventional methods you firstly apply soap, wash using a sponge or a broom and then rinse off with water from the top to the bottom. Touchless washing is a bit different. We apply the soap through a high-pressure foamer and then use high-pressure water as a “sponge or a broom”. We then work the water back into fresh soap, either from the bottom to the top or backward in the case of truck trailers etc. In this way, we use the soap more efficiently. (If we wash from the top down we would simply wash the soap off the vehicle which kind of defeats the purpose). We then rinse from the top down.”

It really doesn’t matter what kind of explanation anyone gives to correct his technique as this soap maker defends his stubbornness, reposting the above comment to anyone who begs to differ with his bottom to top rinsing approach.

Call it what you want but when you spray clean water on soap, you’re rinsing it off. In the video, you can even see him spraying water over the parts where dirt has run down thanks to his inefficient rinsing method.

It doesn’t look like him or his employees will be changing their ways anytime soon as all his latest videos still use this technique.

You do you, dude. Just don’t clean any exotic cars or high-end vehicles with that rinse technique anytime soon!


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