American toy truck maker Tonka did one of the best things a toy maker could do and is actively helping this woman find a specific toy for her disabled brother.

Cassie Gretschel didn’t expect the outpouring of support and love from the internet when she shared her heartwrenching story but the Reddit community definitely pulled through and got her story out there, love and support included. According to Tonka and their facebook post they posted earlier in the week (Dec 1, 2017) thanks to all the attention and eventual social media buzz that surrounded Cassie Gretschel’s Christmas time conundrum, Tonka had the opportunity to show her some much-needed support.

Mission Impossible, trying to find a blue Tonka Hummer truck for

Cassie’s 25-year-old brother is mentally disabled and only seems to enjoy one specific Tonka truck as a gift every year. With the truck no longer available in stores, Cassie went ahead and bought this very specific 2000 Hummer rescue vehicle wherever she could find it. Not only does it have to be a specific year Hummer, it also has to be the color blue. Being a keen fan of this particular Hummer, her brother can definitely tell if it’s been repainted. Even the hook on the front of the winch of the Hummer has to be metal. Despite Cassie’s attempts to make a resin copy, her brother can pick it out just like the color.

Like mentioned, Tonka eventually picked up on the story and is actively scouring all their archive factories for copies of this model. Check out their awesome response below.

A cursory search on Google shows that even Amazon, the largest retailer in the world, doesn’t have it in stock.

With flashing lights, engine sounds, and bright, bold colors, it’s easy to see why Cassie’s brother would pick this one out as his favorite.

Tonka and its parent company Hasbro, make thousands of variants of toys a year. As a company that’s been around for more than 70 years, they’ve got to have some sort of archive of blueprints somewhere. If not, I’m sure some pretty bright minds can reverse engineer and 3D print a couple of replicas that would be hard to pick out from originals.

Props to Tonka and Hasbro for picking up on this story and spreading some much needed Christmas inspiration and cheer.


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