A disgruntled Redditor was upset that this luxury apartment building was taking up two parking space with their gigantic dumpster, so he, and his neighbors, did something about it.

Hell hath no fury like a Redditor who has suffered an injustice at the hands of the bourgeoisie. According to a Reddit post that popped up on /r/pics earlier yesterday (Nov. 20, 2017) after at least three separate updates, it looks like this Redditor and his entire block got back two very important and public parking spaces that had been taken from them thanks to an illegally parked dumpster. Follow along as I recount their tale of passive-aggressive heroics below.

Two weeks ago, Redditor thehofstetter (who will from now on be referred to as Hof.) posted up a sign he put up next to another passive aggressive sign on an illegally parked dumpster on his block. The dumpster, was not only taking up two parking spots, but the people who used the trash bin were getting upset that people were dumping their dog bags filled with dog feces into their bin. Hof’s sign aptly points out that although it’s a private trash bin, it’s parked on public property, so its everyone’s bin. Game on.

There is a fancy apartment building on my street that illegally keeps their trash bin in a parking space so they don’t have to pay a company to bring it to the curb on trash day. I didn’t like the sign they posted on it. from pics

A few days later Hof discovers that his sign has been taken down, so he puts up another sign and uses the tape from the other post out of spite. Not only that, he warns that garbage user that this is all going on social media.

There is a dumpster on my street illegally taking up a parking space. The fancy apartment building that owns the bin doesn’t want us to use it. Yesterday, I put up a sign saying that we were going to anyway. Someone took it down. So I put up a new sign. from pics

The penultimate post is one of the best. One of the Hof’s neighbor’s joins in on the fun and posts up another sign in support of the parking spots that are being usurped. In hindsight, things have reached a boiling point.

There is a dumpster that is illegally taking up a parking spot on my street with a note saying not to use it. I’d been leaving other notes making fun of their note. Today, someone else joined in! from pics

And finally, sweet victory. This particular post received 31,000 plus upvotes and is basically just an empty parking spot. But there’s no god awful garbage bin in sight. Missioned accomplished.

An apartment building on my street illegally kept a dumpster in a parking space for months. Two weeks ago, I began posting pictures to reddit of signs me and my neighbors were posting on it and they got a lot of attenion here. Thank you, reddit – the dumpster is finally gone. from pics

If their story teaches you anything it’s that even the smallest injustice must not go unpunished. Fight for your parking spots people.


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