While some cities have gaping sinkholes forming when potholes come, older cities, like Seattle, are revealing their beautiful brick roads underneath thanks to Spring rains.

Before cars, good ol’ dirt, cobblestone, and brick were probably the top three road surfaces you’d find on any American street around the turn of the century. Their hardiness has withstood the test of time so well that, even decades later, citizens of Seattle, like this Redditor from his post earlier today (Apr. 27,2019,) are discovering that they’re walking on pieces of history underneath. Check out the awesome photo for yourself in the thread below.

The old brick roads of Seattle popping out from underneath the damaged asphalt from r/mildlyinteresting

The Redditor does not give the exact street where these brick roads can be found but rest assured if you live near a historically older road in the city of Seattle, there’s a good chance you’ve got some brick roads lurking underneath the asphalt.

One has to wonder that, if brick roads are still holding up as good as they are decades later, then why don’t cities just pave in brick instead of using pothole prone asphalt.

If you’ve ever driven over brick or cobblestone, you’ll know that it’s a bone-jarring experience, especially on older roads. Uneven surfaces are a no-go if any of your population drives cars as their main mode of transportation. Add that cities need sewers and telecommunications accessible through manhole covers and drivers prefer a smooth ride means these older style roads are a no-go.

That doesn’t mean some cities are phasing brick roads out. On the contrary, where traffic is mostly pedestrian like right in front of Seattle’s Pike Place Market, it looks like city officials aren’t too in a hurry to repave over these historical cobblestones.

Have you ever run into these older roads where you live? Let me know your encounters with brick or cobblestone in the comments below.

Source: Reddit


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