Someone shared this heartwarming photo of a seasoned R32 Nissan GT-R owner driving through Taco Bell’s drive-thru line…in reverse!

With the 25 year import law A.K.A. the Chicken Tax not applicable to certain JDM cars like this R32 Nissan GT-R, that means you’re probably going to or have already seen sights like this in your fair city. If you didn’t already know, cars from Japan, and other countries as well, have their steering wheels on the right-hand side. This photo of a Nissan GT-R reversing through a Taco Bell has been making its rounds throughout the internet and on social media sparking, at the very least, a hearty chortle to whoever sees it. Check out the photo for yourself below!

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The original caption reads, “Some jackass going through the Taco Bell drive-through backwards.”

Since this photo’s been mostly shared on car pages and the like, I’m led to believe that, whoever took the photo captioned it sarcastically. Driving backward in your right-hand drive car, while inconvenient, has to be cool as heck, especially when you’ve got the other car next in queue pointed right at you.

I’ve come across some standard comments when people see this photo like “why not go inside?” Where’s the fun in that? Some owners of RHD cars even comment that they just usually drive through normally and reach across their passenger seat to the fast food worker which I can see getting old pretty quickly.

In my search for other RHD cars in America going through drive-thru lines like this, even Doug DeMuro of Youtube car lore, pulled something similar in one of his own videos.

Would you go through the inconveniences like this, having a hard time overtaking, and making left turns that much more difficult just to drive a right-hand drive car? I know I would. Let me know your .02 in the comments below.

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