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Kalama, WA resident threatens to shoot Amazon delivery driver’s tires over misunderstanding

This Kalama, WA resident made it quite clear he was not happy with an Amazon delivery driver trespassing even though technically he...

Baby going through Seattle, Washington tunnel for the first time is too precious

When your parents drove you through a tunnel the first time, you probably looked like this. Since we have...
Brick Road underneath Seattle Pothole

Redditor shares picture of Seattle rains unveiling beautiful brick road underneath

While some cities have gaping sinkholes forming when potholes come, older cities, like Seattle, are revealing their beautiful brick roads underneath thanks to Spring...

Using on-ramp as passing lane lands Youtuber Zwing in jail plus $4,000 in fines

Washington police don't mess around. Using an on-ramp illegally lands this Youtuber a whole week in a County Jail. If you follow @Zwing on social...