If you want the proof that the C6 Chevrolet Corvette, specifically the Z06, is a safe vehicle at speed, look no further than Jim Mero recounting the tale of a tire blowout at 186 MPH.

Oftentimes people say that, in the event of a crash you don’t want to be in a Corvette because its fiberglass body will just shatter, so driving one is downright dangerous. Car enthusiasts know that there are some smart engineers ensuring that if you do crash you’ll be safe. Former Corvette engineer shared a high-speed crash story on his personal Facebook earlier today (Apr. 26,2019) that just might convince you if you’re on the fence on a C6 and safety is a concern that these American supercar beaters are really quite safe at any reasonable speed. While on the German Autobahn in a pre-production C6 Z06 Mero blew out a tire at 186 MPH, crashed into an Armco barrier, and walked away without a scratch.

Check out the amazing story for yourself below.

The C6 Z06 is arguably one of the greatest value propositions when it comes to more power at not a lot much money. The LS7 engine under the hood has a whopping 505 HP and 470 lb-ft. and has a claimed top speed of 198 MPH. When in Germany with an American bruiser, of course, you’re going to top out your American-bred bow tie beast on the Autobahn if only to let other cars know on the road whose really the king of speed.

Anyhow, as the story above retells, thanks to the Corvette’s amazing active safety, even with one blown front tire, Mero was able to keep control of the Corvette. And when Mero did slam into the freeway barrier next to him, the driver/passenger cell was more than intact and kept them both safe. Mero says he ran over something, which he couldn’t avoid, as the cause of his tire blowout.

Mero, being the man that he is and knowing to hop back on the horse is one of the only ways to get over something so scary as a crash, got into another Z06 the next day and pegged that LS7 to 190 MPH before backing off. Craziness.

Did you know that the Corvette could take this kind of abuse at speed? What do you think about Corvettes now? Let me know your .02 in the comments below!

Source: Jim Mero


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