When you’ve got a building manager that knows it’s better to lose a couple of battles to win a war, you know he’s got management skills.

Say you’re a building manager and want to keep occupants of you building happy. Do you let people do donuts with their cars in your parking lot? Well, according to this redditor who posted up his story of gratitude to /r/cars earlier today (Jan 17, 2018) not only does his building manager in the office that he works in lets his building occupants rip a mean one with their handbrakes during break and after work, but he makes sure they have plenty of space to do so. Ok, he’s not exactly holding a drift competition every day after work but he’s compromising with an inevitable situation. Read on to find out exactly how.

See, this redditor lives in a state that gets a lot of snow during the winter. Parking lots that receive a dusting of the stuff will inevitably be hotspots for younger hoons to let off a little steam and swing their cars when no ones around. This particular office has an auxiliary lot, a parking lot just a bit away from the main office that’s perfect for a bit of snow-khana. The building manager, being the cool guy that he is, sent out an e-mail saying that employees shouldn’t park in the auxiliary lot.

…the building manager sent out an email enabling all staff to do doughnuts without worrying about hitting our coworkers cars. 10/10 don’t want to look for a new job any time soon.

If you’re wondering what this auxiliary lot looks like, this redditor even left a little snapshot of what his donut making looks like.

If you own a Miata and have an open area like that, how can you NOT pull off a couple of donuts?

To be fair, the building manager is also probably looking out for the safety of people who park there and don’t do donuts as the likelihood of getting damage to your vehicle from a hoon swinging his RWD roadster out there go up exponentially after a light dusting.

Either way, this Bud’s for you office building manager. Thanks for not only looking out for your tenants but being cool about the donuts.


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