This 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air was reunited with its previous owner a decade later! Get out the tissues because this one’s a tear jerker.

If there’s one genre of video guaranteed to get men crying (and women, too) it’s other family members reuniting their brothers/sisters/fathers/mothers (what have you) with cars that they once sold because life gets in the way. Thanks to Redditor Scamperly and his thread on /r/cars earlier today (Sept. 24,2018) he exemplified what love through action means and won the day as a car gearhead among car gearheads when he reunited his brother with his high school car that he had to sell, a 1964 Chevrolet Belair. Check out the amazing reuniting video of the two below!

Long story short, 10 years ago, his brother, as mentioned, had to sell his first car he drove in Highschool. Contrary to what you might be thinking, these two brothers are presumably only in their 30’s. They just happen to like older Detroit muscle despite a lot of newer cars on the road that are probably more popular.

In his Reddit thread, Scamperly mentions that,

I bought it in secret and spent the past year restoring it. It’s about 90% done and today after our championship Dodgeball game (and with the help of my Dad) I surprised him with the car.

And if you’re wondering, the other brother reunited with his first car in tears when he saw it roll up.

Although Chevrolet literally made millions of Bel Airs in the decades that it was in production, they still fetch a pretty penny even in the roughest shape. A quick search on AutoTrader reveals that you can get one that, at a minimum, runs and drives for around $5,000 or a restored one for much more at around $50,000, a large price discrepancy. For a newly married couple, a couple thousand goes a long way.

His brother did a lot to get this Bel Air to where it is,

“Seats were reupholstered, the suspension was completely redone. New heater core, rebuilt carb, added a fuel filter (there wasn’t one in there at all?!) replaced the fuel pump twice (didn’t realize it was missing the fuel filter and ruined the first one I put in).

It actually still needs a headliner and door skins but I ran out of money. I got him door skins that need new vinyl and he’s going to put them on himself. I kept the car as stock as possible, but the rims came with it (same ones he sold it with) and I sent it to my paint guy and asked him to give me the cheapest coat of blue possible.”

Thank God for good people like this.

And like I mentioned in an article like this I wrote months ago, you don’t necessarily have to restore a family member’s car to show your appreciation for them, although it helps! Buy your brother/sister etc. a tank of gas now and then if you use their car, give their car a wash, or show some love using cars in other creative ways.

It’s the love that matters, people.


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