Some misguided exhaust shop employee thought it was a fun idea to weld on a Swastika and a nod to Germany’s SS unit on this poor ol’ Toyota Corolla.

When you get exhaust work done at your local exhaust shop, the last thing you want to learn is that someone welded on some graffiti of sorts in a place you can’t easily reach. According to Reddit user BatmansBetter on his post on /r/JustRolledIntoTheShop earlier yesterday (Dec. 4,2017) while working on a customer’s Toyota Corolla, he got the rudest shock of his life when he discovered that the previous shop that performed exhaust work on this customer’s car decided it was a good idea to deface their property with some “harmless” weld art of his own. Check out the offending images below.

Couldn’t believe my eyes when we put this Corolla up in the air from Justrolledintotheshop

Details are scant on the matter but it looks like this Reddit user works in a small town garage given his comments. According to BatmansBetter, 

…my shop manager went to high school with her son. He texted him with a pic. He was pissed but knew it wasn’t us. Crisis Averted

The driver of the car is an African American woman and there’s no word whether or not the Reddit user told her about the graffiti wields on her exhaust, but by the looks of some commenters and advice they swung his way, it looks like she won’t be finding out about the shoddy work.

One of the highest upvoted comments was a suggestion to grind off the welds, hint that some bad work had been corrected to the owner and inquire about who worked on her car previously.

First off, grind it off, free of charge. Next, rather than upset the customer by telling her that someone welded genocidal iconography on her car, ask if she had any exhaust work done by another shop.

If says yes, then explain that they did absolutely shitty work. The work was so horrible, that you took care of it for her, free of charge.

If she happens to know the name of the shop, you can contact the owner privately, and let them know what happened. They’ll know when she was there, and who worked on the car.

I’m leaning towards this suggestion heavily because not only does it correct the action done by the other shop, it handles the situation as professionally as possible. There’s simply no need to let the customer get offended by something that’s not worth any one’s time. Additionally, it shifts the blame back to the original exhaust shop with the duty to reprimand that employee know on that manager and not on this Redditor’s shop.

It goes without saying, but shop employees must follow an unwritten rule of not messing with a customer’s car without that customer’s knowledge. By defacing someone’s property, you’re not only showing disrespect to that customer, but you’re potentially putting your place of work in a precarious situation. Just be professional people.


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