If you want just a snippet of the kind of daily shenanigans you might come across working at a car dealership, this pizza for the service department and not car sales is definitely one of them.

Working at a car dealership either as a salesman, management, or in the service department makes it ones of the most unusual work environments you can work in. It also has its own set of daily quirks and situations you’ll ONLY find in a car dealership.

This photo shared on Reddit from a car dealership earlier today (May. 4,2019) is definitely one of those car dealership situations where a customer happy with the service department and not sales buys lunch for the former. Check out the photo for yourself below.

An old coworker sent me this. I see things haven’t changed. from r/Justrolledintotheshop

Apparently, this car owner coming in to either drop off their car for service, picking it up, or just plain doing a random act of pizza singles out the service department as the recipient of this lunch. With the customer calling the shots, adding a stipulation to this food, management has no say in the matter.

Can you imagine the drama that a hungry sales department has to go through, forced to eat their own lunch while the service department, arguably doing all the heavy lifting at the dealership, is walking around eating yummy pizza as a reward? It, as you can imagine, would certainly irk a few salesmen.

With over 900 comments in this thread, a few former car dealership workers dropped a couple stories of their own. This one was one of my favorites via Reddit User AbstractBears.

Our regional Subaru service big cheese grilled out for us because our service department was leading the region in some desirable categories. Salespeople weren’t allowed and 3 or 4 of them got super fucking pissed. Our leading salesperson who expects the red carpet rolled out everywhere she goes took the most offense because she “is the most important person in the dealership” (yes, her words). She then told me I couldn’t have any delicious cookout food because I would get her deliveries for that day dirty.

I told her not so politely to pound sand, ate food and didn’t detail her cars that day because I didn’t want to get meat grease all over them.

I highly recommend reading the other comments in that thread, its pure gold.

Yours truly used to work at a car porter at our town’s Lincoln-Mercury dealership, one of the bests jobs ever. Anyhow, my Civic needed an alignment, and, instead of shelling out $80 to a random shop, I bought the entire service department I worked at sandwiches . Only a handful of techs actually took up my offer and I shelled out like $40 for subs but, in the end, I got to shoot the breeze and reconnect like old times. Anyhow, I didn’t even THINK about sales because, well, I never really worked for them. Of course, one salesman walks in, gets a whiff of those subs I bought and asks, “Where’s mine?” I just shrug. The look on his face, like I insulted his pregnant wife or something.

Have you ever worked at a car dealership and experienced something like this where a customer treated out the techs and not sales? Or maybe vice-versa? Let me know your experience in the comments below!


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