Dodge probably doesn’t want you to know this but, as a courtesy to owners, I suppose you can contact customer service to find out how uncommon your particular car is with respects to trim package and options.

Ironically as it is, car owners with the most common sports car are always trying ways to differentiate themselves from the herd. A good way do this is to quantify just how many of your car in the exact trim level and number of accessories ordered there are.

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According to one Dodge Hellcat owner who queried Dodge Customer service, they were able to tell him just how special his particular Hellcat is. Take a look at a copy of the e-mail below.


Although Dodge has sold literally thousands of Hellcats, it’s still possible, as this man’s Hellcat shows, to option out your Hellcat so you have one of the most unique ones.

As per this thread on, Dodge sold about 3,600 Challenger Hellcats and 2,400 Charger Hellcats worldwide last year.

Interestingly enough, if you want a unique Hellcat, you’ll have to go for unpopular color options like Redline Red which is not as popular as Octane Red for whatever reason. And god forbid you ask for a manual over an automatic since shifting isn’t as popular even in the modern muscle car world, as far as customer preference at the dealership is concerned.

Although it was rumored that Dodge would limit the amount of Hellcat Chargers and Challengers made shortly after they were introduced, that rumor was all but squashed as Dodge was adamant they’d sell as many as possible. And, five years later, people are STILL buying these bargains for the amount of power you get.

If you do ask about your particular car and how rare it is, don’t expect a quick reply. Apparently, it took this Hellcat owner four months to get a reply, but a reply he got. Logically, if you ask about a new 2020 model you just bought, you’ll have to wait till January until you can ask about production numbers.

Who knows just how collectible these Hellcats will be in the future. Historically, Muscle Car owners who keep unique one’s factory fresh do OK if the market is conducive to this sort of purchase. If there’s still a demand for High powered ICE cars fifty years from now in unique trim levels and you’ve got one of the uncommon ones, you might do well in the reseller market.

According to Motor Sports Wire, this one-of-one Hemi Challenger R/T Convertible fetched $1.4 Million a couple weeks ago at auction. As per the auction listing, it was

  • 1 of only 5 Hemi Challenger R/T Convertibles produced with 4-speed transmission in 1970. says that Dodge made close to 77,000 Challengers that year. Optioning it out right back then paid off well 49 years later.

I’m not entirely sure if Dodge will do this sort of service if you have a bog-standard Dodge Durango or Caravan but who knows? It doesn’t hurt to ask. I think it’d be funny and awesome to find out your American Value Package Dodge Caravan with rear cargo nets and optional heated rear washer in Cashmere Pearlcoat is the only one in existence.

Do you own a Dodge and are inclined to ask about your car’s prominence? If you do, let me know how it goes in the comments below!

Dodge Customer Service linked here. 



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