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Illinois man straps full-sized refrigerator to the back of his Dodge Challenger

Naperville residents watched in awe as this man, there with nothing more than his trusty Dodge Challenger, loaded a full-sized refrigerator to the back...
Dodge Customer Service Hellcat

If you contact Dodge, they’ll tell you just how rare and uncommon your car...

Dodge probably doesn't want you to know this but, as a courtesy to owners, I suppose you can contact customer service to find out...
Splitter guards damaging paint

Dodge manager says yellow splitter guards on Challengers & Chargers damages bumpers

This FCA dealership manager warns Dodge Challenger and Charger owners that those cool looking yellow splitter guards are actually causing paint damage, so beware. You...
Dodge Demon fire

Dodge Demon catches fire & burns after allegedly going 170 MPH on a public...

It looks like modifications to this particular Dodge Demon pushed it over the edge, causing the 8-speed automatic to explode, spilling its guts, and...