Not only that, the driver was also caught on camera walking away from the crash!

A Dodge Challenger Hellcat and it’s driver now go down in LA history for the first car crash on the newly opened Sixth Street Bridge. Witness video flooded social media earlier last night (July 18, 2022) showing the Dodge Challenger Hellcat driver performing a rolling burnout before crashing into cars crawling through traffic going the other way.

Check out the witness videos below.

NBC’s report is linked here.

In the video we can see what, according to other commenters (myself included,) looks like a Dodge Challenger Hellcat staged on one side of the bridge.

It looks like other cars stopped traffic, giving the driver space.

Onlookers have their smartphone cameras pointed at the Hellcat.

We see the Hellcat peel out, performing a rolling burnout and horribly misjudging how much space he had to stop.

The Hellcat slams into a stopped car with its lights off before clipping a Honda Civic trying to avoid the mayhem as they drove in the other direction.

To make the situation that much more confusing, witness video also shows the driver collecting his belongings from the Hellcat before he casually walks away.

After clearing the scene, the driver breaks out into a small jog.

In other words, the driver fled the scene.

“This is the first crash on the newly constructed bridge that I can think of, this traffic collision taking place earlier tonight at about 10:30 P.M. between two vehicles,” said NBC Los Angeles News Chopper reporter Eliana Moreno

Moreno then mentions how NBC’s morning show just had a report on an increase in sideshow activity that’s been going down on the Sixth Street Bridge the past couple of days.

NBC’s report does not mention if police eventually caught up with the driver.

The Sixth Street Bridge just opened on the 10th in Los Angeles after six years under construction. Prior to that, the original Sixth Street Bridge, first opened in 1932, was torn down after it was determined the bridge would not survive a seismic event.


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