The first of many crashes at the end of a Cars and Coffee signals the beginning of Spring.

The pandemic stifled a lot of Cars and Coffee meets last year and, with it, several after meet crashes that ritually follow shortly after. It looks like these crashes are alive and well, the first of many to rock the internet happening earlier yesterday (Apr. 11, 2021.)

According to the Reporter Herald and witness videos popping up all over the internet, a Dodge Challenger Hellcat pulled a Mustang, slammed his loud pedal on cold tires exiting a local Colorado Cars and Coffee in Loveland off South Lincoln Ave. and steered directly into the side of a fairly new Chevrolet Silverado.

Check out the videos for yourself below.

As you can see in the video, this is a one-way street with several hundred people already lined up on either side to witness the inevitable, people exiting the meet by accelerating up to the speed limit and beyond as quickly as possible.

And, in a tale as old as time, this Hellcat owner not only underestimates how important properly warmed up tires are to staying in a straight line, he misjudges how much room he has for braking as several cars drive along, minding their own business.

RH later reports that the crash looked a lot worse than it actually was. Because the collision was sort of low speed, the Hellcat scrubbing most of his speed before hitting the truck, the resulting crash carried little energy.

One person was sent to hospital with “minor injuries.”

The Challenger Hellcat driver was cited for reckless driving, his name not released to the media, although I’m fairly sure a bit of poking around on Instagram will reveal the owner.

After these videos go viral, most Cars and Coffee attendees will take this as a cautionary tale and won’t give their throttles a stab, exiting their respective morning meets.

But there’ll be “that guy.” It’s only a matter of time. Don’t be “guy!”


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