Naperville residents watched in awe as this man, there with nothing more than his trusty Dodge Challenger, loaded a full-sized refrigerator to the back of his car.

A Dodge Challenger owner rolled up to his local appliance store somewhere in Naperville, Illinois and single handily loaded a full-size refrigerator on the trunk of his car, no loading blanket, no truck, and certainly, no f***s given.

Check out the unbelievable video that defied all odds below.

And here are two videos from the comments showing the Dodge Challenger owner driving away, just in case you thought this was all for show.

Here’s a photo of what the fridge looked like, loaded onto the back of the Challenger.

In the video we see a large, burly Dodge Challenger owner fully committed to getting that fridge on his car. If it was really a challenge or he just didn’t want the hassle of renting a truck for $20 and finding someone to drop him off and pick him up at his local Lowes, we’ll never know.

What we know is he pulled it off, had a plan (with all the straps and tie-downs,) and obviously doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his handiwork.

It was never a question of payload. Dodge states their Challengers can carry between 1,000- 1,300 pounds of payload depending on engine, transmission, and drivetrain layout. Even the heaviest fridges weight around 400 pounds. If he wanted to, he could strap another fridge to the roof, no problem.

While it’s illegal to operate a vehicle in Illinois (or any state, really) with an unsafe load, it’s questionable if this guy’s Challenger is all that unsafe. If it’s honestly strapped down, damage to his paint and bodywork aside, a reasonable cop with a loose interpretation of the law, if he pulled him over, might let him squeak by.

If he’s travelling on the freeway, that’s a different question and this man deserves a ticket.

If your food’s spoiling, you need a fridge yesterday, you just live around the block, and don’t care about your body work, by all means, use your Dodge Challenger to get your fridge home.

Otherwise, borrow your friend’s truck, get the fridge delivered, or just rent the store truck.


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