Close to a dozen clowns already donated to this man’s GoFundMe.

A Subaru BRZ and slideshow participant, who’s identified himself as Patrick Foster, put up a GoFundMe, after hitting a sideshow spectator, damaging his quarter panel, and raised $700, just $300 shy of his goal. Titled, “Spectators helping slider, ” Foster not only raised a couple hundred dollars but drew criticism and anger from car enthusiasts coming across this asinine money grab.

Check out a couple screenshot of his Original GoFundMe linked below. Linked here is the GoFundMe link, significantly changed from what’s posted below.

Here’s a photo of the damage after allegedly hitting a spectator, including a video of the exact moment the hit happened. In the video, the original uploader’s tagged the owner’s Instagram @SlidingSubie

In his original description we’ve copied verbatim, the BRZ driver admits to taking part in a sideshow and hitting someone. Foster’s since edited his description, deleting that part out.

Here’s what he originally posted as his description verbatim.

Let me give you some background as to why this GoFundMe was created..

Last weekend (July 24th), as some of you may know, I was doing as I usually do every weekend and attempting to put on the best possible show for anyone willing to watch. As someone that regularly pushes the limits of my car, I became involved in the unfortunate situation of having a person be struck by my car while performing a stunt.

Speaking with him, he is in good spirits and is doing well. He was kind enough to offer to pay for the damages associated with the incident, however I decided to decline his offer as it didn’t feel right in expecting someone to pay when they aren’t fully 100% at fault. 

Some may say that he should have known to “Get back or get smacked”, or that I shouldn’t stunt drive if I cant live with the consequences. Each has strong speaking points. My hope is that people can see the situation as it is and understand mistakes happen, but when people come together those issues are only short lived.

I don’t expect to hit this funds goal by any means but any donation does go a long way. 

This GoFundMe is against the rules

In GoFundMe’s page on reporting certain fundraisers, it states you cannot raise funds for forbidden frauduelnt activity including “breaking the law.”

Based on the accounts tagged in the video, this Subaru BRZ owner participates in sideshows and lives around the Toronto, Ontario region in Canada.

Participating in a sideshow is presumably against the law in Toronto. cites a Ford Mustang driver charged with “dangerous operation of a conveyance, mischief, and endangering life” after shutting down a busy Toronto intersection with his smokey donuts.

Several commenters, including this blog, have done their due diligence and reported this fundraiser as against the page’s rules.


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