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Sideshow driver raises $700 on GoFundMe to repair a quarter panel after hitting spectator

Close to a dozen clowns already donated to this man's GoFundMe. A Subaru BRZ and slideshow participant, who's...

Post Malone spotted in Salt Lake City, Utah driving his white Subaru WRX sedan

If you want to stay low-key and out of the public eye but still want to enjoy a bit of performance, there's...

Embarrassing moment Subaru WRX loses $38,000 to an AWD Honda Civic in drag race

The Subaru driver really said, "How fast can your Honda be? It's a Honda." A high-stakes shootout with a...

Crazy crash in King County, Washington has Subaru Outback landing on top of Subaru...

Show this to your kids if you want to teach them how cars are made. What happens when a...

Texas woman alleges police did not do their due diligence after Subaru BR-Z driver...

You'd think local police would at least call an ambulance to check out the driver but no paramedics were phoned in.

Anchorage driver allegedly going 110 MPH on Dowling gives internet epic stare down

This Subaru driver in Anchorage, Alaska gained internet infamy not for his high-speed hijinks but for his signature nonplussed look.

Searching for this embarrassing item makes Subaru cars pop up in Facebook marketplace

If you search for this one adult...item that starts with the letter D and rhymes with "Real though," Subaru cars pop up...

This is why your oil changes at the dealership take too long

If you wondered why it takes so long for your local dealership to do an oil change, these Subaru techs at a...

Prodrive Replica parts maker Force Drive calls out competition for buying & copying his...

Replica parts maker Force Drive posted up a rant against a larger competitor who ended up buying his copied replica parts and...

Subaru EJ20 engine officially dead

Subaru Japan announced a limited edition run of the WRX STI EJ20 Final edition which marks the end of this legendary 2.0L...
Dipping sauce car interior holder

Deadset legend is making made-to-fit dipping sauce holders for your car interior

This lovely human being with CAD and a 3D printer is making it that much easier to drive down the 101 and dip Chicken...
WRX Furnace Filter

Subaru WRX owner used a home furnace filter as a cabin air filter but...

Some Subaru WRX owner used a furnace filter lying around to "breathe some new life" into his cabin's filtration system but is it as...
Subaru break-away engine

Subaru WRX crash with ejected engine & trans is breakaway engine mounts in action

If you've never seen a break-away engine in action, this drunk Subaru WRX owner's unfortunate accident shows a boxer engine with break-away mounts quite...
San Gabriel Canyon Road speeding

Teens speeding on San Gabriel Canyon Rd in Azusa narrowly miss stopped car

Azusa teens driving an Evo X and a Subaru WRX STI almost slammed into a parked car after speeding on this San Gabriel Canyon...
BRZ crash cars and coffee

Subaru BRZ drifts into a light pole leaving Pensacola Cars and Coffee

This Subaru BRZ owner couldn't help himself leaving a car meet and lost control of his car, slamming straight into a light pole. Cars crashing...
Subaru WRX spray paint

Vandalized: Maryland Subaru WRX owner wakes up to her car spray painted

This Maryland Subaru WRX owner did nothing to deserve this level of vandalism on her car. Harmless pranks on a car include post-it bombing the...
Scion FR-S fail

Embarrassing: Modded Scion FR-S crashes driving on a gentle curve at normal speeds

This moderately modified Scion FR-S, with all its upgrades, couldn't even negotiate the gentlest of curves and it's all on video. The Scion FR-S is arguably...
Forester Sti

JDM Spec 2019 Subaru Forester STI with 160 HP E-Boxer Hybrid on the way

Subaru of Japan is throwing on an AC motor and battery on the new 2019 Subaru Forester to make an STI model that's made...
WRX Sti Convertible

This Subaru WRX STI Convertible is real

How do you improve on, up until that point, two decades of rally winning history and AWD excellence? By making one into a convertible...
Subaru Impreza Limited

Subaru’s internal investigation reveals inspectors cheated on parking brake test

Subaru revealed that cheating on their shoddy final inspection tests extended for far longer than originally thought. The good news is that none of these...