I guess Seinfeld enjoys driving any car as long as it has a boxer engine

Jerry Seinfeld turned a couple of heads when he confirmed, in his NY Times Opinion piece, he moved to Miami. If those upset cared to read a few words after that bit of personal news, Seinfeld also said he’d “never abandon New York,” his other two residences in the Hamptons, and Long Island as proof.

Seinfeld was a guest on Spike Feresten’s Podcast last month and informed Feresten that, when he’s at his Long Island place, he mostly drives Subarus. As hinted on the episode, not only does he have a new 2020 Subaru Outback as a guest car, but he has the barn-burner STI S209 as a daily of sorts.

According to Seinfeld,

“I like to have Subarus around my house in Long Island in case we have a guest staying with us that wants to go somewhere. The Subaru Outback, to me, you should just have one in case anyone needs a car, or your kids want to go somewhere. The new Outback is fantastic.”

“I also have the (WRX) STI S209 which I personally drive, that Subaru got for me. It’s very hard to get those because there are only 209 of them. And that is a wonderful car, I love that car, I drive it everywhere.”

If you didn’t already know, the STI S209 is the third S series STI, the first of its kind made available in the United States. Thanks to more boost courtesy of a larger turbine and compressor, a higher flowing fuel pump, larger injectors, and a bigger intake, the STI S209 makes 36 more HP over a regular WRX STI for a total 341 HP and 330 lb-ft. It’s the most powerful Subaru offered yet until the second generation debuts.

The official tale of the tape is here.

Seinfeld did not reveal which color he chose, either blue or white. But, if this thread on nasioc.com is to be believed, Seinfeld got S209 #1, which presumably is painted Subaru’s World Rally Blue Pearl.

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This isn’t Seinfeld’s first WRX STI. According to a thread on PelicanParts.com, he’s, at one point, owned a 2004 Subaru WRX STI.

Around the time the 2004 STI dropped, forum user ljonespwc posted,

Talked to a buddy of mine in NY the other day. He owns a beautiful 1989 911 Turbo, and he also has a deposit on a 2004 Subaru WRX STI at Major Subaru in Queens.

He’s second on the list at the dealership for the STi, and apparently there is only one other person on their list—Jerry Seinfeld.

The next time you’re in the Long Island area and you get your doors blown off by a WRX STI in World Rally Blue, take a closer look and it might be Seinfeld driving.


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