One’s an absolute rad classic with character and the other is a sport sedan with questionable reliability.

Earlier this week, Gemini Motors salesperson Jason Hoang shared how his friend Blake traded in his 1989 Porsche 911 (964) C4 with 85,000 miles valued at around $100,000 for a 2022 Subaru WRX SportTech with CVT.

A rad classic for an automatic WRX? Impossible.

In less than four days, Hoang’s post received over 650+ comments, mostly all negative, commenting how bad the optics of this trade looks.

On top of that, the post’s been screenshotted and shared all over social media, most notably Facebook (which is where I saw it.)

Check out the post (if it’s still up) for yourself below.

Here’s a screenshot of some of Hoang’s IG stories showing off the 964.

$100K Porsche for a Subie?

And here’s a taste of the comments section, all bad!

Dragged Jason through the wringer.

Before I answer the question in the title, let’s see go over the tale of the tape.

The Porsche 964 is the codename for Porsche 911s sold between 1989 and 1994.

As with all decent cars of the rad era, these Porsche’s are really coming into their own in terms of price and appreciation from car enthusiasts.

As Hoang’s story’s say, corroborated by BringATrailer results, this 964 is probably worth around $100,000.

Then there’s that Subaru WRX Sport Tech, plus taxes and licensing and this Japanese import is priced at $43,969 CAD ($33,848 USD.)

While earlier WRX’s, as recent as two years ago, suffered from questionable reliability, it’s safe to assume Subaru’s worked out the bugs on their MY 2022s.

People have all sorts of reasons for, on face value, making ridiculous looking trades.

Who really knows Blake’s story or reasoning?

Perhaps he’s, deep down, a fan of these WRXs, is at that point in his life where he needs a fat down payment for a house, and, he’s had his fun with the Porsche.

It’s his 964, and he can do whatever he wants with it.

So, is this post for real?

No, of course not, it’s a troll post!

For one, Blake’s still posting about his 964 like he still has it because, guess what? He still does.

And that WRX? It’s still in Gemini Motors’s inventory as of this blog post because what are the chances they had two of the same car in Ignition Red in the same spec?

That WRX? Still for sale.

Gemini Motors even confirmed to me that an Ignition Red 2022 WRX Sport Tech CVT is currently the dealer principal’s demo car.

Confirmed in 4K

It’s easy to see that the demo car (not for sale) and the one @Hoang_Gang_Sales’s post is one and the same.

If a troll post and some attention was the goal, mission accomplished.


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