Here’s why it’s important to stay vigilant driving at all times, even when you have a clear green light.

Subaru enthusiast and Redditor /u/JMan42023 shared dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the surprising moment a pedestrian started crossing at an intersection despite not having the signal to cross. If /u/JMan42023 didn’t stop like he did, this near-miss could’ve ended very differently.

OP’s thread is linked here, with his dashcam footage linked below.

The near miss happened at the intersection of St. Paul’s Blvd and Market St. in Norfolk, VA (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As his video shows, OP takes a left turn and guns it onto St. Paul’s Blvd.

It’s worth noting that OP drives a modded Subaru WRX whose recent tune yielded 342 HP and 375 lb-ft at the crank.

Scrolling through maps and the speed limit through here is 30 MPH. We see OP reach 43 MPH, technically speeding.

Thankfully, before OP reached the Market St. intersection, he already spotted the pedestrian and let off the gas just in case she decided to bolt out, which she did!

“I had a feeling she wasn’t going to stop,” OP comments.

This is one of those crosswalks with a break in the middle, as seen linked here.”

“…so I took my foot off the gas and positioned it over my brake in preparation. Sure enough, she continued on her way right in front of my car.”

As OP mentions and as seen in the video, the pedestrian recklessly proceeds across without even looking at possible traffic in the other two lanes.

“…just reckless,” OP calls what she did.

Regardless of how wrong she was, OP was speeding.

While this pedestrian didn’t have the right of way, if OP didn’t stop in time and he injured the woman or worse, killed her, his speed would arguably be a contributing factor when fines and punishments are doled out.

Thankfully, this ended situation ended in the best possible scenario, both of them escaping unharmed, OP causing no harm.

Regardless, this is yet another data point of how you should be vigilant and aware of other drivers and pedestrians at all times, even if it’s a nice, summer day with no apparent reason to especially pay attention.


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