If you or someone was underneath, a concussion would be in short order.

Tiktok user @LeneCooo, a presumed Subaru technician, shared the surprising moment a Subaru Forester’s lift gate comes crashing down, shutting from an open position with violent force all on its own.

Check out his TikTok video below.

@lenecooo Subaru liftgate FAIL #subaru #accident #fail #cars #waitforit ♬ original sound – LennyEco

As the video shows, the Forester is parked in a service bay, probably in for warranty work (I’ll get to that in a moment.)

Another technician opens the lift gate, the rear struts/stays assisted by an electric motor automating the process.

The Forester has no problem opening its lift gate but, right before reaching the top of its travel, the liftgate comes crashing down halfway before slowing closing.

It then tries to open on its own, again, but this time the liftgate rear struts fail completely, the liftgate shutting forcibly.

The technicians have a chuckle but, if you’re the Forester owner, this is no laughing matter.

Apparently this was such an issue with 2014-2018 Subaru Foresters that Subaru extended its warranty specifically for rear gate stays from three to eight years.

There are also Forester specific threads like these here, here, and here from Forester owners experiencing the exact same liftgate symptoms.

The Forester in the video is likely in for rear gate stays replacements.

“One minute you’re leaning in grabbing your groceries. The next minute, you’re Lieutenant Dan,” @cvt_dvddy commented.

“Subaru Forester has an all-new lift gate design from the premier design house of Henry VIII. It’s head turning,” @andrewskeen425 hilariously added.

“Nah, I’m taking the hit and getting a check from Subaru,” @SKwumps replied.

If you own or know someone with this particular Subaru Forester (2014-2018) it would behoove you to let them know ASAP before the rear gate struts fail without warning.


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