If you’re in a pinch and have a flat, duct tape might get you home.

Browsing the Tesla Model Y Facebook group and I came across an interesting tale of survival from a an owner who, after realizing he got a flat tire, pulled over and successfully patched his flat using a roll of duct tape and some Gorilla glue.

Here are screenshots of their post and closeups of the roadside repair below.


As OP explains, this was no ordinary puncture type of flat.

“I thought I could just plug it myself to get me home until I say that it was flat due to wear and tear and not a nail or screw.”

This flat wasn’t caused by some random screw or roadside debris, it was a direct result of the owner’s neglect of basic tire maintenance.

From what we can see, this is a case of camber wear caused by worn out suspension components, running over something like a large rock, abnormally harsh road conditions driven over daily, or a combination of everything.

Tesla Model Ys do not come with a spare tire, but you do get a can of tire repair goop and a portable air compressor.

For this owner, regular ol’ duct tape and some Gorilla Glue worked out clutch.

“I was able to use gorilla glue and duct tape to get me home 10 miles away. It held 35 PSI until I went over railroad tracks, then started losing pressure. Made it home with 17 PSI left.”

Before learning this, if you told me you I could patch a tire with duct tape, I wouldn’t believe you.

A car tire is not like a bike tire which doesn’t go through the forces and speeds a car tire does.

However, in light of this new information, if you’re in a pinch, get a flat, don’t have a spare, but have some duct tape and a portable air compressor (or even a bike pump,) you might limp home.

The Gorilla Glue probably helped, too, making sure that the duct tape stuck to a rapidly rotating tire.

Emergencies are one thing, but car owners shouldn’t let their tires get this bad.

Rule of thumb is to physically inspect your tires, making sure there’s no uneven wear and the tread is not worn down, once a month or at least every oil change.

That being said, knowing this about duct tape is information worth squirreling away in the back of your mind.

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  1. I am posting your info on facebook-I saw an ad to purchase The fuel Save Pro and looked it up to see if it really works. Your explanation was excellent and debunked the whole process and devices that are made to appear legitimate. I hope this is okay and I can take the post down if you so desire. You just saved me time and money and I am very appreciative. Thank you.


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