The scooter rider thinks he was being jacked.

Earlier in March 2024, the Electric Scooter Guide on YouTube shared POV footage showing one of their riders in Oakland, CA getting randomly assaulted.

They think this was all for them to get their scooter jacked.

According to a quick search, this happened several months ago,

Check out their video below.

And check out another view of the assault from the 360 camera he was holding.

Mofo tried to steal scoot scoot
byu/Low-Neighborhood-564 inElectricScooters

According to the video hashtag and the video itself, the rider appears to be on a 2Swift electric skateboard, a piece of machinery that costs upwards of $1,350.

These cost nearly $1,400 before taxes.

As you can see in the video, he’s skating in the bike lane somewhere in Oakland when a masked passenger in a KIA Forte comes alongside of him and not only pushes him, but chucks a bottle of lotion, too.


Two minutes later, the Forte driver makes another pass to swing a punch at him.

The license plate is visible and reads 8SBG416.

As to why, your guess is as good as mine.

As mentioned, the electric board is quite expensive and probably the 360-degree camera as well.

Then again, they just might have nothing better to do and are just terrorizing random people.

Regardless, it’s plain ol’ assault, which is arguably a felony considering it could’ve caused serious harm.

Felony assault is punishable by fines and up to six months in jail.

“Need to take license away after a year in jail it could be attempted murder,” @djxnatte commented.

“You can always tell the people that never got their a** beat growing up,” @jaketheguitarist6379 added.

“His mom later on the news: HE WAS SUCH A GOOD BOY AND A VALUABLE ASSEST TO THE COMMUNITY,” @siddumt humorously (but not really) replied.

Hopefully, these bird brains get their comeuppance sooner rather than later.


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