A Cybertruck Owner in Utah is confused why teenagers hate his truck.

A thread on Twitter/X blew up a few weeks ago about a Cybertruck owner, presumably driving around St. George, UT, who’s confused why a few teenagers aren’t showing him love like he imagined, but are instead flipping him off, telling him to “f*** off” and are generally being unkind to him.

Here’s a screenshot of the Tweet (because profanity) with the link here, and the original thread can be found here. (If that post is down, there’s a mirror here.)

The original poster on CyberTruckOwnersClum.com, SGAstros, started off his thread titled, “What are teenagers problems with Cybertruck” as such,

“I don’t know if others have similar experience, but as I drive around in (my) CT, most reactions are good/fun, but I’ve had several teenagers flip me off, yell “I hate your truck”, and just today, a girl roll down her window and just yell “F*** You”.

“Perhaps it’s the storyline that they’re dangerous? Or bad for the environment? Something on TikTok saying they’re evil?”

According to SGAstros About profile, he’s based in St. George, UT.

As these forum members are also Cybertruck owners, many commiserated with SGAstros, offering their biased explanations.

“They are probably just jealous,” Killlbox replied.

“They’re stupid,” Kahpernicus added.

One even blamed it on their parents.

“Their parents probably hate Elon. CyberTruck= Elon”, Makeodds101 coped.

At least one member on the first page gave a logical response, explaining how his nieces friends also gave him a negative reaction with an explanation.

“I didn’t expect the negative reaction at this point, but they all basically told me I was awful for buying it. The only one who gave a reason was that it is incredibly unsafe with no crumple zone, any occupant gets severely hurt in a crash even if the truck looks fine. Then that’s all they talked about, how unsafe the CT was, until I dropped them off at home.” CyberTruck2024 commented.

Experts and critics have come out against the CyberTruck as of late, explaining that the, “Cybertruck’s stiff structure, sharp design raise safety concerns.”

The replies on X/Twitter, as regular people and not Cybertruck owners, shed some light on Ryan’s “issue.”

The most likely explanation, as explained by @HighFlyStai, is that they’re just teenagers who, as Woodrick replied in the original thread, “Teenagers hate everything. Teenagers love everything.”

Another likely explanation, as explained by @Daaavvveeeee, is that it’s just laughable to look at.

No doubt, with it being an EV and with a futuristic design not remotely resembling anything ever seen on a production vehicle, the Cybertruck is polarizing, to say the least.

But to expect everyone to approach you, as a Cybertruck owner, with cheers and positivity only, is unrealistic.

Hopefully Ryan, and every new Cybertruck owner, will learn that people are allowed to publicly display their displeasure, just as much as praise, at their purchase.

It’s a shame that it took a $100,000+ purchase to realize that truth.

Since his post went up, Ryan provided this update.

“To be clear, I don’t really care that there are people that don’t like it, I love the truck and care about my reasons. But I am curious some of the why’s behind the hate, and it’s been interesting to hear other owner’s exp with different groups.”


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