Yet another unfortunate data point for the seemingly oft occurring Denver trend of running stop signs and red lights.

Redditor /u/ImRunninOuttaLives shared shocking dash cam footage from his Subaru WRX of a hit-and-run driver blowing past a stop sign in this Highland, Denver neighborhood at what he estimates is 50 MPH, t-boning his Subaru, tossing his car over 40-feet to the left.

The actual incident took place over 10 weeks ago but only know is he sharing it with the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit.

You can check out the original Reddit thread linked here. I’ve posted a copy of his video below as his original title has some NSFW language.

The actual accident took place at the intersection of Zuni St. and W. 34th Avenue, one and a half blocks away from Sandoval Elementary School.

Google maps link to the scene of the crash is linked here with a screenshot below.

Zuni St. and 34th in the Highland neighborhood of Denver.

According to OP, the driver was in a stolen Hyundai Elantra which mostly explains his brazen driving.

“I didn’t see it coming in the slightest,” he comments. Took me a second to realize what happened and the wind was knocked out of me like a mother *****r. I thought my collar bone was broken from the seat belt but somehow it didn’t.”

OP says the car thief’s Elantra was also wrecked in the accident and, despite such a violent hit, he managed to run from the scene of the crash never to, as of this blog post, be seen or heard from again.

The speed limit in most residential areas in Denver is 30 MPH and, near school zones, around 15-25 MPH.

“I (and the cops) have a picture of his face someone who chased him took,” he mentions. “I never heard from the cops and it’s been 10 weeks.”

OP mentions that, since the accident, he’s replaced his 2017 WRX with a new-to-him 2022 WRX, has mostly recovered thanks to a local chiropractor, and is, despite not hearing from the police, hoping for some sort of justice for the Elantra owner and himself.

The Highland neighborhood is clearly a place where parents have some level of peace of mind to let their kids out on their bikes without supervision.

Looking up the crash location on Google Maps, just one block over, the Google Maps car passed a young kid riding his bike on the sidewalk.

Apparently, according to another /u/LukesRightHandMan, another Redditor and presumably Denver resident in the thread, blowing stop signs is a thing in Denver.

“The stop sign and red light running here (Denver) is a plague, he comments. “This s*** is totally a Denver or CO thing. I’m from Miami and even there people would think it’s ****ing bananas. I’m making a compilation vid of it. I do delivery driving and can easily see 3-4 runners a shift. I’m so glad you’re okay.”

If this is true, it would behoove Denver residents and their kids to, if they are frequent pedestrians of the area, especially around Highland area, be aware of traffic around them.

While the majority of the onus is on drivers to drive safely, as a pedestrian, you have to assume there are a handful of crazies, like the one OP encountered, who just don’t give a you know what or are simply awful drivers.


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