A case of do as my vanity plate says, not as I do.

Presumed Portland resident and Redditor /u/eyeballTickler shared dashcam footage from earlier last weekend (Oct 28, 2023) showing the surprising moment a driver in a Subaru Crosstrek with a self righteous vanity plate disobeyed their plate’s maxim and almost mowed down a cyclist and pedestrian.

Check out /u/eyeballTickler’s thread and video below.

[OC] Idiot with a “Share the Road” vanity plate runs a red light from a standstill to almost run over a cyclist
byu/eyeballTickler inIdiotsInCars

The near accident happened at the intersection of SE Gladstone St. and Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. in Portland, OR (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

Although it’s hard to make out in the video, this is what the “Share the road” vanity plate looks like.

Photo Credit: https://bikeportland.org/2007/12/18/first-look-at-oregons-new-share-the-road-license-plate-6216

As OP’s dashcam video shows, he comes up to the intersection behind the Crosstrek and stops.

It’s clear they have a red light.

Suddenly the driver in the Crosstrek acts like it’s a four-way stop (even the intersection isn’t clear of traffic) and drives across.

A cyclist with the right of way on Gladstone St stops in the nick of time, barely avoiding the Crosstrek by inches.

A pedestrian walking their dog can be seen completing their crossing seconds after the Crosstrek passes.

As one Redditor pointed out, had they started crossing a few seconds earlier, they would’ve been hit.

“Violated the right-of-way of a car, a cyclist, and a pedestrian. This is known as “The Trifecta,” /u/aetius476 commented.

“It’d be cool if we could upload these videos to the government and the driver could be retroactively fined,” /u/LunacyFringe added.

Redditor /u/txx2000 did some light research and commented this Crosstrek’s identifying numbers I’m posting below for search engines to come across.

“OR Reg LSUV 2019 SUBARU Crosstrek Vin JF2GTACC3K8332120”

Running a red light in Oregon is subject to a $265 fine. Oregon does not have a points system.

Whenever I see drivers pulling irrational maneuvers like this, more likely, they’re simply not paying attention to the task at hand, driving.

As drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, we must be on defensive driving/biking/walking mode at all times as OP’s dashcam video shows, drivers are unpredictable.


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