Are gas station pumps asking for an 18% tip after I pump my own gas? Get outta here!

Scrolling through social media the past couple of days and I came across a picture of a Valero gas station pump with a screen prompting for a tip just like you see in coffee shops.

Are gas stations for real? Are they asking customers for a tip to pump their own gas?

Here’s a photo of what I saw and why this is 100 percent fake.

First, rest assured this is 100 percent a Photoshop and can confirm there are no gas stations, Valero or otherwise, that are asking customers to add on a tip.

The dead giveaway this is fake is the tipping screen shown is configured for a touch screen, whereas most gas station pumps are not touchscreen and still require you to use physical buttons on the side to confirm prompts.

It is, however, a somewhat convincing Photoshop with a Valero logo so I can see how it can fool people at first glance.

People online who came across this photo certainly had their .02 to share on the matter, true or not.

“It’s sad that we can’t pay those hard working pumps a living wage /s,” /u/GreatSoulLord commented.

“Seriously though, this s*** is out of control.”

“This place is being awfully demanding for being so flammable,” /u/Tai*ntKicker forebodingly added.

“Respectfully, they can f*** right off,” /u/Oraitaku bluntly put it.

While I can confirm the above is fake, I do have some bad news, though.

According to Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal, there’s been a trend as of late for businesses to add screens prompting for tips on self checkouts, “at cafes, sports stadiums, and airports.”

B.I. even reports landlords have even asked for tips when their tenants pay online.

@twoguystakeonrealestate When you’re paying your landlord the rent and a tipping screen appears… #investmentproperty #realestateinvesting #passiveincome ♬ Cooking Time – Lux-Inspira

Those aforementioned businesses and even that landlord justify their asinine request by saying there are people behind the scenes, like shelf stockers and even the landlord himself being on call 24/7, that are providing you a service you don’t consider.

The truth is, it takes little to no effort/added expense to add a tipping screen prompt and, while it’s up to the consumer to tip or not, there will be a handful of people who blindly tip just because, or worse, believe there’s nothing wrong tipping at a self-checkout.

While there will be those above board businesses who, after adding a tipping prompt, actually pass on those tips to their employees, guaranteed, there are those that’ll pocket the extra money without batting an eye.

Gas stations already operate on slim margins, so rest assured some station owners will take advantage of free money (tips) if given the chance.

In the near future, get ready to hit 0% tip after pumping and boycott stations that unbelievably add mandatory gratuity because…it’s coming.


  1. I saw it on the Absurd Sign Group in a Facebook group. I got it taken down. No Photshop allowed. Sad folks were taken in and the comments are gone, but sometimes intelligence wins!


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