When life hands you photos of one of your friend’s lowest moments, you make a diorama of it?

Tamiya, Fujimi, Aoshima Model Kit group member Chris Warren might take the cake for giving truly, unique presents. Warren shared how, after learning his friend wrecked his Subaru BRZ he recreated the scene of the accident in model form to be then given as a Christmas gift.

Just typing that out it sounds…wrong, but the blog post goes on.

Check out a screenshot of his post and gallery of photos of the crash and recreation below.

Photo Credit: Chris Warren

It’s not clear how the accident went down but from what I can piece together, his friend was driving his BRZ in an empty parking lot, was supposedly distracted by a “big bird,” and crashed into a concrete mounted light pole.

“She said she saw a bird so we made a big bird,” Warren’s caption reads.

As the photos show, he just didn’t recreate the scene of the accident, he actually made it look like an actual crash!

“I had to thin the plastic in the nose to get it to move. D*** Tamiya kit bodies are built like tanks.”

Other group members weren’t so sure how his friend would take this one-of-a-kind present.

“Did she unfriend you after this gift?” a group member asked.

“Nope, (we) had a good laugh about it,” Warren reassured him.

They say that, for gifts, it’s the thought that matters and, by that metric, Warren knocked it out of the park.

He really put a lot of effort into this gift, giant bird and all.

Let’s just hope that the amount of effort and thought outweighs any lingering pangs of regret his friend might still have despite “having a laugh.”

Would you be, on any level, upset if your friend recreated your crashed car?

Or is your friendship that type that thrives on a good ribbing?

Let me know your .02 in the comments below.

Source: www.facebook.com/groups/118690378204154/user/1003508296/


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